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By Daon Inc

Systems using biometrics as part of an identity profile provide the most reliable means of associating a person with a set of events or a collection of data about them. However the performance of a biometrics-based system is highly dependent on the components, the conditions, and the populations... Read more »

By Daon Inc

DaonEngine is a scalable and flexible identity services platform, a core component of any enterprise human identity management solution for organizations that require strong identity assurance. As the authoritative identity source, DaonEngine delivers the functions of secure storage, searching,... Read more »

By Daon Inc

Printer FriendlyShare DaonEnroll 2.4 is a highly configurable COTS software application to rapidly create encounter applications. An encounter application may be needed in an identity management system anytime an individual is interacting with the system (e.g., enrollment, verification and... Read more »

By Daon Inc

Daon Enrollment Manager (DEM) is a configurable enterprise software product which constructs an enrollment business process around strong identity capture or enrollment applications. When the enrollment process requires multiple steps or multiple roles, DEM instantiates and orchestrates the... Read more »

By Entrust

Entrust Entelligence Group Share Read more »

By Carroll Publishing

Carroll Publishing provides its government contact data and additional select data in a format that allows clients more flexible internal use of the data. Data Sets can be seamlessly integrated into customer relationship management systems (CRMs) and are formatted for swift customization.... Read more »

By Winchester Systems

EcoServer, FlashNAS and v-IP SAN Storage Servers and Appliances add valuable storage services and functionality to FlashDisk and EcoRAID disk arrays. EcoServer is a high performance, quad-core Intel Xeon server companion product to FlashDisk and EcoRAID for those who want to have a single... Read more »

By Pivot3, Inc.

DataBank appliances deliver shared storage resources for centralized environments needing high-capacity protected storage. Data-Banks are connected with standard Gigabit Ethernet and discovered automatically. Up to twelve DataBanks can be configured together as a high-performance iSCSI SAN... Read more »

By AutoGate, Inc.

Next Generation Slide Gate Operator With Internet Backup Power Built in battery backup power source High torque 1/2 hp 24 volt DC motor Microprocessor (RISC) control board Open on power loss with 15 sec. delay Antitail gate with quick close feature Barrier gate access manager... Read more »

By Olympus Lock, Inc.

This unique cam lock is generally used in lock applications where the end user will be supplying their own padlock. We offer a variety of cam styles and lengths allowing this item to be adapted to a wide range of manufacturing styles. This lock is available in bright chrome, bright brass or flat... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

The Defender ROV is a sophisticated large bomb disposal robot with heavy lifting capability and a very powerful weight to strength ratio that helps bomb techs respond to VBIEDs and CBRN agents. This EOD/IEDD Robot has a titanium frame and can deploy X-ray systems, explosive charges and... Read more »

By DeTekion Security Systems, Inc.

The Defensor 100 Sensor Cable System includes a sensor cable that is specifically designed for outdoor intrusion detection. The Defensor analyzer that processes the analogue signals from the sensor cable incorporates sophisticated algorithms and very flexible settings that optimize the... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

The CBRN Defoamer provides a fast and effective tool for collecting SDF or CASCAD CBRN decontamination foam or a Blast Mitigation Foam after use. As the foam is collected from an open surface or a blast enclosure, the CBRN Defoamer applies a solution to eliminate the bubbles and reduces the foam... Read more »

By Ameristar Perimeter Security USA Inc

barbed tape products Delta Force was introduced by Ameristar Fence Products to parallel its efforts in the high security fence market. The addition of Ameristar’s barbed tape and concertina lines is the perfect visual deterrent on chain link fences. Delta Force’s helical barbed coils... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

The Demining Apron offers lightweight frontal protection against blast-type anti-personnel (AP) mines. The Demining Apron addresses the need for comfort and flexibility when performing demining activities over long periods of time, without compromising personal safety. It is ideal for use in... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

Spider Boot Foot Protection System The Spider Boot Foot Protection System is a truly revolutionary design for protecting a deminer’s feet and legs against blast-type anti-personnel mines. It can be worn without training in almost any terrain for reconnaissance, detection and victim... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

RFI Remote Firing Initiator System The Remote RF Initiator Firing System is a lightweight and cost-effective system providing safe and reliable remote initiation capability for explosive charges and disrupters. The System consists of a Command Unit and up to 5 Remote Initiator units. DX10U... Read more »

By Tripwire

Tripwire® for Servers gives organizations control over file systems, servers and desktops, monitoring changes to security settings, password parameters and permissions. When used with Tripwire Manager, Tripwire for Servers provides a central point of control for multiple platforms. Read more »

By Allied Tube & Conduit, A Part of Atkore International

Detainer Hook Barb barbed tape obstacle is the premier barrier available in the world. The newest, most effective security product being specified today. Detainer Hook Barb offers unequaled physical protection and psychological deterrence. Tape Material: 430 Stainless Steel | 1" wide... Read more »

By Bruker Optics

DE-tector is an ECAC approved bench top drugs and explosives detection instrument with a non radioactive ionization source and a unique twin-tube design that measures for drugs and explosives at the same time. The rugged and portable instrument is easy to use with a clear touchscreen. It has a... Read more »

By Varian Security & Inspection Products

Linear Detectors Varian linear X-ray detector arrays are designed for the security and industrial CT markets where x-ray energies range from 80KeV to 9 MeV. These products are typically customized for individual customers based on their own unique system requirements. Please consult the factory... Read more »

By Entrust

Security API for Java Cryptographic APIs Read more »

By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

Digital Ally’s In-Car Video Systems utilize the latest generation of technology that is so small and advanced that the entire Digital Video System is integrated into a replacement rear view mirror. Simply remove the factory rear view mirror and install the Digital Ally DVM system. The video... Read more »

By Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain’s full complement of digital archiving, email archiving and image archiving services includes solutions for email management and inactive file storage that greatly improve your control and management abilities while allowing you to avoid tying up capital. You also get the benefit... Read more »

By Entrust

Entrust Managed Service PKI Entrust Authority EV Multi-Domain SSL Advantage SSL Standard SSL UC Multi-Domain SSL Adobe CDS Signing Certificates Code Signing Certificates Personal Secure Email Enterprise Secure Email Certificate Management Service Certificate Discovery Read more »

By Varian Security & Inspection Products

Varian’s PaxScan® line of ultra-fast flat-panel digital X-ray image detectors are used to capture X-ray images and instantly display them on computer screens, eliminating the need for film and film processing. Varian’s panels can capture up to 60 images per second, which is fast enough to... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

The Digital Vanguard Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is a multipurpose robot for responding to EOD/IEDD and CBRN threats, surveillance and tactical missions. Its low profile, mobility and dexterity enable this robot to access confined spaces such as under vehicles, as well as the aisles and... Read more »

By SentryNet, Inc.

No matter where you are, SentryNet is there for you. With our well-trained, SIA-certified operators on duty 24 hours a day, you can feel confident that when you need help, we'll be there! Our monitoring facility has the latest in modern technology to make sure that we're ready for the... Read more »


We specialize in reaching out to niche candidates on small or large scale. Sometime you just need to seek out some specialized talent without paying to advertise to the entire world. It could be that you are looking for an intelligence analyst, a J2EE engineer, or a native born Punjabi linguist... Read more »

By Vumii Inc

Discoverii is Vumii’s long range day/night vision platform that combines a continuous wave laser illumination beam with an automatically synchronized CCD imager for high contrast images at up to 3,000 meters (1.8 miles) in total darkness. This combination offers unsurpassed detail and clarity... Read more »

By Advanced Kiosks

The Document Kiosk is the perfect interactive kiosk for all of your HR needs. Connect your workforce in manufacturing, warehouse, grocery/supermarket, hospitals, hotels, casinos, amusement parks and anywhere your employees aren't sitting in front of a computer during the day. With the options... Read more »

By FileHold Systems Inc.

FileHold document management software delivers essential document, record and workflow management capabilities, including: Document & records management for both short- and long-term working and archived documents, and advanced record retention and disposition policies for both electronic and... Read more »

By ImageSoft, Inc.

ImageSoft is a supplier of leading document management software and hardware, and also builds products to fill the voids that out-of-box solutions cannot address. ImageSoft offers a variety of document management tools to simplify and improve processes across business and government enterprises,... Read more »

By Image Management Systems, Inc.

Image Management Systems, Inc. (IMS) provides turnkey document management solutions for the capture, control and communication of information, including: easy capture, access and sharing of documents; converting thousands of pages to searchable electronic files & PDFs; PDF creation and browser... Read more »

By Symantec Corporation

The document management module included with Symantec's Process Manager application contains a document repository that lets users manage files, add simple and advanced files, search for files and download files. The document management module contains the following key features: The ability to... Read more »


For government agencies, TITUS offers powerful and affordable data classification solutions to facilitate secure collaboration while leveraging existing technology investments. With TITUS classification and labeling solutions, governments can lock down sensitive data with easy to deploy and easy... Read more »

By Designed Security, Inc.

All of Designed Security, Inc.’s door management products are compatible, complementary components to any access control system. They can enhance the level of security at any door and are visually as unobtrusive as a thermostat on the wall. No matter what access control system is used by the... Read more »

By CINCH systems, Inc.

Door and gate control is serious business, make sure your systems is up to it with the Door-EZ controller. A powerful, reliable microprocessor controls movement for standalone and multi-door/gate systems. All communications to modules is AES encrypted and isolated for maximum security. •... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

Allen Vanguard provides customized Driver Blast Seats to protect tracked and wheeled combat vehicle drivers by isolating them from the effects upon a vehicle from a roadside IED or mine. Depending upon the vehicle, the Driver Blast Seat is configured to fit to the ceiling, wall or floor to... Read more »

By E-Seek

The E-Seek Model 280 allows for the reading and capture of all electronic data while concurrently providing the ability to scan and capture a complete image of both sides of an ID Card or License. The Model 280 reads all data from both the 2 Dimensional Barcode (PDF 417) and the Magnetic Stripe... Read more »

By E-Seek

The Model 260 incorporates a magnetic stripe reader with advanced technology 2D barcode reading capability. The Model 260 can read any government issued ID card with magnetic stripe information and/or 2D barcodes. This creates a single device for reading virtually all government issued ID's. The... Read more »

By S2 Threat Detection Technologies

The Dry Explosive Test Kit (DETK) detects dry explosive chemicals instantly, accurately and affordably and is ideal for civil aviation, military, police, customs, and security applications. Each test kit contains an individually wrapped paper based test strip, one pre-wetted swab, and... Read more »

By Deep Trekker Inc.

Our underwater infrastructure inspection pipe crawlers are widely used by municipalities and private contractors. They provide a cost-effective alternative to purchasing cumbersome crawlers and because they are portable, the DT340 can be deployed in remote areas. A Deep Trekker product can... Read more »

By Deep Trekker Inc.

Deep Trekker ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) allow municipalities and contractors the ability to conduct routine underwater infrastructure inspections. Deep Trekker DTG2 and DTX2 ROVs are submersible robots equipped with state-of-the-art HD cameras that provide clear images to a handheld... Read more »


Twice As Sharp. Twice As Smart. With two lenses and two HiRes image sensors, the D12 is a highly specialized security solution. Monitoring and securing two separate room areas simultaneously is possible with just one single camera. All this without error-prone mechanical parts! MOBOTIX HiRes... Read more »

By Vumii Inc

DualSec™ is a powerful day-and-night, multi-sensor observation system that allows long range observation and detection using a color CCD camera and state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology. DualSec is available in both fixed or pan/tilt configurations. The color camera uses a 36x optical... Read more »

By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

The DV-500Ultra is a complete audio/video system utilizing the same advanced technology as Digital Ally's In-Car Video Systems with no moving parts to be affected by vibration, but specifically designed for harsh weather and environmental conditions. Versatile and powerful, the DV-500Ultra has... Read more »

By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

The DVF-500 is a portable digital audio and video recording system integrated into a high quality, water resistant machined aluminum law enforcement style flashlight. Document the evidence at the scene and playback using a computer or any standard TV monitor. Helps reduce department liability... Read more »

By Meridian Technologies

Digitally-Encoded Two Bi-directional 8-Bit or 10-Bit Video, Two Bi-directional 24-Bit Audio and two RS-422 data over Two fibers Read more »