AutoGate, Inc.

7306 Driver Road
Berlin Heights, OH 44814-9661

About AutoGate, Inc.

AutoGate, Inc. is the home of The Shield, a K-12 rated, full size, Vertical Pivot Lift [VPL] Anti Ram crash barrier gate system. It pivots open to 90 degrees and has a clear opening of up to 16 feet. Gates are custom to specs and can be matched to building facades. Design features also include deep foundations, heavy duty bolsters, extreme weather tolerance, and numerous access control options. When in normal mode, The Shield functions as a standard entry gate.

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Products by AutoGate, Inc.

By AutoGate, Inc.

The Shield® is a K-12 rated full size Vertical Pivot Lift anti-ram crash barrier gate system. The Shield® pivots open to 90 degrees and has a clear opening of up to 15 feet. Because The Shield® pivots vertically, it is not impeded by sand or snow. Gates are built custom to specifications and... Read more »

By AutoGate, Inc.

The Vertical Pivot Lift gate is a unique STAND ALONE gate system. Vertical Pivot Lift gates are carefully designed to enhance the existing landscape. All gates are custom manufactured to our customer's specific needs. Vertical Pivot Lift gates are corrosion and rustproofed for all weather and... Read more »

By AutoGate, Inc.

Next Generation Slide Gate Operator With Internet Backup Power Built in battery backup power source High torque 1/2 hp 24 volt DC motor Microprocessor (RISC) control board Open on power loss with 15 sec. delay Antitail gate with quick close feature Barrier gate access manager... Read more »

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