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Flagler Hydrant Shower System

Flagler Hydrant Shower System

Available from Flagler Emergency Services

The world's fastest and easiest way to provide mass/gross decon. No need to tie up a fire truck and crew or expose them to cross-contamination. Turns any standard fire hydrant itself into a full body shower. Designed specifically for washing people so is safe and can never be turned into a... Read More

Military Barracks-Space Heaters

Military Barracks-Space Heaters

Available from International Thermal Research

Based on designs that have been in longstanding military use, the PIONEER line of portable, diesel-fired space heaters are meant for use in use in mining camps, tents, fishing shacks, yurts and other off-the-grid structures. There are three PIONEER space heaters: The TREKKER, the EXPEDITION, and... Read More

360° panomorph lens

360° panomorph lens

Available from ImmerVision

Because of their highly-advanced optical resolution capability, when used with leading video surveillance cameras and software manufacturers, Panomorph lenses enable 360˚ situational awareness, remove blind spots and provide consistent 360° viewing live and playback. A viewing device with the... Read More

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DoorKing, Inc.

DoorKing, Inc. (we are also known as “DKS”) was established in 1948 and is one of the country's leading manufacturers of cloud based video entry systems, vehicular gate operators, parking control products, access control systems and vehicle mitigation (crash) barriers in the United States. Read More

DeTect, Inc.

DeTect, Inc. specialises in applied, intelligent radar remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, security and surveillance, environmental protection, renewable energy and environmental protection with over 500 radar systems delivered worldwide. Read More

Cura HR

Cura HR is redefining the role of human resources in shaping vibrant businesses. We’re success enablers that take a modern, inclusive and thoughtful approach to HR. Through company immersion and our decades of experience, we swiftly build business acumen for each of our clients. This enables us... Read More

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