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By Jolly Technologies

Label Flow is Jolly Technologies innovative label software solution for the management and printing of barcode, shipping and merchandising labels, for small businesses to large enterprises. Incorporating an advanced information management platform, database connectivity, design and automation... Read more »

By Brady Corp

Brady offers thousands of high performance labels, markers and tapes that can help your company communicate important safety and facility identification messages. Proper identification can significantly improve productivity, performance, safety and security. Available in pre-printed, blank and... Read more »


BMS digital wireless microwave systems enhance the efficiency of local, state, and national agencies in their mission to serve and protect their communities. BMS delivers real-time wireless video from aircraft, maritime and land vehicles for viewing by those critical decision-makers at... Read more »

By Matco Inc

The Law Enforcement Digital Mobile Surveillance System provides real time video/audio recording for up to four channels at high resolution. It is powered by the vehicle and controlled by a specially designed Intelligent power control unit. It turns on automatically upon ignition and has a few... Read more »

By HySecurity

Modular: bars are easily assembled using the aluminum expansion joint. Possibility for intelligent control of two opposing operators thanks to “master/slave” function. Strength and reliability: robust structure in steel, new high strength balancing springs, and elliptical section bar with high... Read more »


· PATLITE’s Exclusive Hybrid Prism Cut Lens: For enhanced visibility from any direction and distance. · Original Dual Reflection System: For enhanced light diffusion, creating bright, distinctive illumination while saving energy · Built-in Alarms (FB Type): 2 selectable sound patterns with... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

The LCG Vest is engineered to circulate chilled water through multiple circuits of tubing for optimal personal cooling. The cooling vest fits snuggly and covers the torso, where the largest quantity of heat transfer occurs. The LCG Vest combines with Allen Vanguard Chillers to combat heat... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

The Med-Eng LDE is a modular suit that provides balanced protection against blast type anti-personnel mines. The LDE enables a deminer or UXO technician to work comfortably in all operational climates without need of body cooling equipment. The modular design can be configured quickly and easily... Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

LDH Demining Helmet Thousands of Med-Eng LDH Demining Helmets are in use in UXO and mine clearance operations, including prodding, surveying, mine detection, excavation, and vegetation clearance. This helmet & visor has been tested against simulated blast-type anti-personnel mines of up to 200... Read more »

By Lenco Armored Vehicles

The Lenco BearCat is the primary APC used by SWAT and Spec Op teams across the United States. The BearCat provides life-saving armor in barricaded suspect call-outs, high risk warrants and active shooter scenarios. Read more »

By Securitech Group, Inc.

The Universal Access Control Solution For Electrifying Exit Devices. - Easy Installation To Existing Doors - Does not require cutting into frame for electric strike. - Easy “No Special Knowledge” Operation - Unlock the lever by key, card access, keypad, intercom, push-button or other... Read more »

By Thales Defense & Security, Inc.

Linking Multi-Agency Communications. Federal, State, Local, and U.S. Department of Defense agencies can now communicate using a single portable radio that operates in direct mode or uses existing infrastructure in any of the bands. Introduced in early 2008 and FCC-certified in early 2009, the... Read more »

By Perceptics

This is a premium level of access control without the premium price. With the LPR-EZ you can increase your security measures quickly and efficiently. Manual vehicle inspections and data entry is error-prone and can distract gate officers from vital vehicle threat assessment procedures. The... Read more »

By Perceptics

Chosen by the U.S. government to maximize security and expedite traffic flow, the LPR-HR High Resolution is the only License Plate Reader that reads state, province or country of origin ID and is backed with the industries' only 95+% guaranteed read rate. Wide field of views and the high level... Read more »

By Perceptics

With the LPR-ID you don't have to compromise quality on behalf of budget. The LPR-ID reads all license plate types, including retro-reflecting and non-retro-reflecting plates, with an impressive 90+% accuracy level. It is the only License Plate Reader in its class that identifies states and... Read more »

By Blackburn Group Inc.

Our team of legal professionals will assist you with all of your Lien and SSDI Verification and Negotiation needs. Choose our experienced team of legal professionals who are committed to work for you. We have over 33 years of experience in administering the entire claim adjudication process,... Read more »

By Blackburn Group Inc.

Choose our independent, experienced team of planning professionals of Nurses who are licensed and committed to work for you. We have over 30 years of experience in administering the entire claim adjudication process, including Life Care Planning. Our plans have been recognized throughout the... Read more »

By Hackney - VisionComms

Light Duty Rescue is defined as a body mounted on a chassis with a GVWR of 21,500 lbs or less. Available on the versatile Chevrolet/GMC 5500;Dodge 5500;or a Ford F550. Available options range from transverse storage for stokes, backboards and ladders to slide-out tool boards and trays.... Read more »

By Padlock Outlet

Lightweight Bilingual Safety Lockout/Keyed Alike/Purple Read more »

By S2 Threat Detection Technologies

The Liquid Explosive Test Kit (LETK) is being used today in over 350 international airports. The kits detect liquid explosive chemicals instantly, accurately, and affordably and are ideal for civil aviation, military, police, customs, and any other security or safety applications. Using the... Read more »

By Stealth Monitoring, Inc

Stealth Monitoring proactively watches surveillance cameras in real-time to identify and catch intruders before they set off any burglar alarm or event based trigger. We are unique in that we not only use video analytics and motion detection to monitor low motion facilities, but we also monitor... Read more »


Where Life Safety Meets High Security The New LockOne LKM10K, the next generation of our LKM7000 Lock Series, is APPROVED to meet FF-L-2890C, when supplied with a combination lock meeting FF-L-2740. The LKM10K offers improvements to our LKM7000 Series that has been in the field for over fifteen... Read more »


· PATLITE's Exclusive Hybrid Prism Cut Lens: For enhanced visibility from any direction and distance. · Original Dual Reflection System: For enhanced light diffusion, creating bright distinctive illumination while saving energy · FB type: 2 selectable built-in alarms with adjustable volume up... Read more »

By Jolly Technologies

Lobby Track is the world’s leading visitor management and member tracking system, allowing organizations to register, badge and track groups of people at their facilities. Centralized management, networked data-sharing and reporting makes it easy to deploy across multiple stations and... Read more »

By Padlock Outlet

Master keyed 1790ADA Shackle Dimensions · Diameter: n/a(n/a) · Vertical Clearance: n/a(n/a) · Horizontal Clearance: n/a(n/a) Read more »

By Brady Corp

The world leader in lockout/tagout products and services, Brady offers a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. In addition, Brady covers other critical aspects of a compliant, effective energy control program by providing... Read more »

By Highway Products Inc

Highway Products lockup box is the proven way to protect your valuables in an SUV. Law enforcement officers use them for easy access to firearms, ammunition, explosives, bullet proof vests, flashlights and raid gear as well as for storage of evidence. Read more »

By Cansec Systems Ltd.

Long-range access control is granted with Cansec’s wireless RF transmitters. The CanProx Dual Technology RF Transmitter and SmartFob Transmitter with optional proximity coil also double as a short-range credential for HID and AWID 125kHz proximity readers. Read more »

By Allen Vanguard

LPODS (Large Portable Decontamination System) provides an easily portable large area decontamination capability for teams tasked with rapid response to incidents where a speedy remediation is required to restore an asset to normal use. It can fit in the box of a North American pick up truck and... Read more »

By Magnasphere Corp.

Offers remarkable ferrous metal proximity sensing (needs no magnet actuator) in such a compact, low cost two-wire switch. Can also be configured as a magnetically tamper resistant device. Robust all metal construction and design make it highly resistant to permanent contact welding due to power... Read more »