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About Perceptics

For more than 30-years, Perceptics has been and will continue to be the worldwide authority in license plate recognition, vehicle number identification, and under vehicle inspections.
When vehicle inspection, access control, officer safety and operational efficiency are mission critical, you need more than standard security equipment. You need products that have been field-proven to provide greater accuracy, greater reliability and a greater ability to integrate with your existing vehicle intelligence strategies. That's why seasoned decision-makers in Border Security, Mission-Critical Access Control and Ports & Cargo Tracking rely on Perceptics.
Not only does Perceptics continue to pioneer a higher standard of vehicle inspections and intelligence, it's the very same company trusted by the U.S. Government in its most sensitive installations. And at Perceptics, we have a track record of standing behind our customers, products and our claims like nobody else would ever dare.

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Products by Perceptics

By Perceptics

Automate your under vehicle inspection operations. Stop using a mirror or video on a stick and performing inferior under vehicle inspections. Start looking at the whole undercarriage of a vehicle in seconds using amazing high definition color images. Start paying more attention to the driver... Read more »

By Perceptics

Chosen by the U.S. government to maximize security and expedite traffic flow, the LPR-HR High Resolution is the only License Plate Reader that reads state, province or country of origin ID and is backed with the industries' only 95+% guaranteed read rate. Wide field of views and the high level... Read more »

By Perceptics

With the LPR-ID you don't have to compromise quality on behalf of budget. The LPR-ID reads all license plate types, including retro-reflecting and non-retro-reflecting plates, with an impressive 90+% accuracy level. It is the only License Plate Reader in its class that identifies states and... Read more »

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