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  • 1. DMC3000 Electronic Dosimeter

    Mirion Technologies provides a complete line of hardware and software products targeted to Health Physics and Radiation Protection personnel, in order to meet current Nuclear Industry challenges. Covering a wide range of X-Ray and Gamma radiation detection, our DMC 3000 Electronic Dosimeter... Read More
  • 1. Instadose - Instant Readout Radiation Dosimeter

    Instadose™ from Quantum Products brings radiation monitoring into the digital age. Smaller than a flash drive, this rugged dosimeter provides an instant read-out when connected to any computer with internet access via a USB connector. This revolutionary device provides radiation workers with... Read More
  • 1. RAD60 Electronic Dosimeter

    The RAD-60 Personal Alarming Dosimeter is a precise and reliable instrument for monitoring radiation exposure ensuring the personal safety of the user. The RAD-60 is used for all forms of radiation exposure monitoring including by those subject occupational radiation monitoring and first... Read More
  • 2. Rad-ID RIID

    The rad-ID™ is a complex radiation laboratory in a small box that has been carefully designed to be easy to use. It contains four different types of sensors, each designed to allow an operator to detect, locate, and identify radioactive isotopes. It offers public safety and federal agencies a... Read More
  • 2. identiFINDER2/R400 RIID

    The identiFINDER2 is a logical next generation instrument greatly based on the original identiFINDER. With 10,000+ identiFINDERs deployed worldwide inputs on how to improve this already excellent instrument have been few but valuable. The identiFINDER 2 is the result of taking these inputs and... Read More
  • 2. MSpec SPRD

    The MSpec portable Fast Responding Gamma Spectrometer and Dose Rate Meter will instantly measure any material for the presence of radioactivity whether it is general waste, medical waste, scrap metal or recycled material. Operation of the MSpec is completely automatic once the easy-to-set... Read More
  • 2. nanoRAIDER/R300 SPRD

    When radiation detection capabilities are necessary, operators must rely on the accuracy and dependability of their instruments. With the highest detector resolution available in a pager-sized device, the nanoRaider™ virtually eliminates the false alarms and false positives that are so common to... Read More
  • 2. radHUNTER/R500 RIID

    The radHUNTER™ is an extremely sensitive and accurate digital hand-held gamma radionuclide identification device (RID). It is the culmination of over eight years of development of micro-miniature, digital signal processing electronics; operating power conservation; and advancements in the... Read More
  • 2. RIIDEye RIID

    The RIIDEye from Thermo Scientific is an easy to use and very advanced handheld isotopic identifier. It provides precise, real time gamma source identification using the patented QCCtechnology. Effortless and uninterrupted operation is made possible due to a design that is ergonomic with the... Read More

    The SYCLONE is a highly sensitive handheld Gamma-Ray spectrometer capable of identifying single or multiple isotopes simultaneously. The SYCLONE also provides the user with various functions such as Search and Find, Optional Neutron Detection, Rate Meter, Nuclide ID, Dose Rates and accumulated... Read More
  • 2. Upgrade/Retro Fit Program - GR135/SYCLONE

    LAURUS Systems offers an advanced spectrometer technology that allows specific components of existing spectrometers to be retrofitted into RadComm’s State-of-the-Art SYCLONE series of portable RIID's (handheld radio-isotope identification device). We now have the ability to upgrade and retro... Read More
  • 3. Mini Rad-D Personal Radiation Detector (PRD)

    The Mini rad-D is a rugged, all-weather radiation detector that’s small enough to wear on a belt yet powerful enough to quickly locate low-level and discrete radioactive sources. The mini will operate well even among crowds of thousands of people or warehouses with thousands of packages.... Read More
  • 3. Mini Rad-DX Advanced PRD

    The all new Mini Rad-DX is the newest advanced technology PRD on the market today. The Mini Rad-DX offers the exclusive SensorNet mesh network as well as the ability to be monitored system wide via WIFI to a central location, emailing or texting alerts to critical personnel. The Mini Rad-DX has... Read More
  • 3. PDS-GO Personal Radiation Detector (PRD)

    The PDS-GO is a lightweight, small, sensitive, personnal gamma radiation detector, designed to meet the ANSI N42.32 radiation detection requirements.The PDS-GO has been designed using the latest state-of-the-art electronic components including the advanced technology of a Silicon photomultiplier... Read More
  • 3. RadEye Personal Radiation Detector (PRD

    The so-called “orphan source” phenomena is a serious global problem as sources showing up unexpectedly in scrap yards, border crossings, or numerous other public locations are a significant potential threat. The RadEye PRD represents a high-performance measuring device for anyone responsible for... Read More
  • 4. DSM-500 Digital Radiation Survey Meter

    This microprocessor-controlled instrument represents the new gold standard of survey instruments. The DSM-500 boasts an oversized digital display and a unique capability for dual probe capability. Comes standard with timed count capability, probe-saturation and error indicators. Auto-Ranging... Read More
  • 4. DSM-501 Digital Micro-R Meter With Internal Detector

    The internal 1"x1" plastic scintillator has a close to tissue-equivalent response and has an oversized digital backlit display, dose or CPM operation modes and comes Standard with timed-count capability, probe-saturation and error indicators. Auto-Ranging Display - Timed Count Capability - Dose... Read More
  • 4. DSM-502 Digital Radiation Survey Meter With Internal Detector

    The DSM-502 Survey meter is designed as the perfect application for general users of radiation measurement and monitoring. It's mid-range internal detector allows for the perfect combination of accuracy, simplicity and functionality for the reliable and consistent measurement of dose.... Read More
  • 4. DSM-506 Digital Radiation Survey Meter w/Internal & External Detectors

    The operation of the DSM-506 provides users the ease of an internal detector with the additional probe capability for those specific measurement needs. This feature, with its easy to read display, digital electronics and rugged design make the 506 a perfect instrument for all applications. Read More
  • 4. DSM-525 Digital Radiation Survey Meter w/Dual Detector

    The DSM-525 is the most functional survey instrument on the market with its dual probe capability. This dual connection capability allows users the luxury of multiple level measurements with as many as four different probes calibrated to each measurement type. No more retracking to the... Read More
  • 4. Inspector EXP Handheld Survey Meter

    The Inspector EXP was designed to meet the requirements of emergency response personnel. It has the same valuable features, small size, and quality of the Inspector. However, instead of the built-in detector, it has the added versatility of an external probe. The carrying case has a clear window... Read More
  • 4. Inspector USB Handheld Survey Meter

    The Inspector and Inspector Plus are now The Inspector USB!! Now with USB and the included Observer USB Software, you can download your data from the internal memory, set computer alarms, and calibrate your instrument! The Inspector USB Handheld Digital Radiation Alert® Detector is a small,... Read More
  • 4. RadEye G/G-10 Compact Dose Rate Meter

    The RadEye G is a light-weight and very rugged instrument designed for quick and reliable measurement of gamma dose rates. Modern electronic circuitry guarantees excellent linearity over 6 decades of radiation intensity: from background level to 10 R/h - with over range indication up to 1000... Read More
  • 4. RC2 Handheld Dose Rate Meter

    The Basic RC2PLUS automatically sets an alarm threshold over the total background count rate average upon each startup. This allows the RC2PLUS to detect very low radiation levels even when hidden by shielding such as scrap metal, waste, or other dense material. The RC2PLUS utilizes a large... Read More
  • 4. RDS-30 Handheld Survey Meter

    The RDS30 is a digital handheld radiation dose date meter designed for any number of applications involving the possibility of higher than expected or abnormal radiation levels. It is compact, lightweight and extremely user friendly. It is perfectly suited for radiation surveys in field... Read More
  • 4. RDS-31 Multi-Purpose Survey Meter

    The RDS-31S/R Multi-purpose Survey Meter is part of the RDS family of Mirion survey meters and offers modern design and an advanced approach to radiation monitoring. The RDS-31 features outstanding ergonomics; lightweight, easy to handle, with visual, audible and vibrating alarms. The large... Read More
  • 4. RDS-80/80A Handheld Contamination Monitor

    The rugged and easy to use RDS-80A and RDS-80 Surface Contamination Meters are versatile contamination detectors which have been designed for a wide range of applications in different fields of radiation protection. Versatile enough to be used in the nuclear industry, rescue/haz mat operations,... Read More
  • 4. RI-02 Ion Chamber Survey Meter

    The RI-02 is the next generation ion chamber survey meter. This smart meter features accurate dose & rate measurement and programmable modes for alerting the user to posting and transportation survey requirements. The RI-02 is an air vented ionization chamber, designed for highly stable and... Read More
  • 4. Thermo FH40 Handheld Survey Meter

    The FH40 G family of advanced digital survey meters is designed for many different radiation protection applications. The FH40 G is rugged, lightweight, fits snugly in the palm of the hand and is easy to operate with large keys that enable users wearing gloves. Internal diagnostics ensure... Read More
  • 5. AM-801 Portable Portal Monitor

    The AM 801 from WB Johnson Instruments is a fully and effortlessly transportable radiation Portal Monitor that is easily assembled in less than ten minutes with NO tools required. It comes with Voice Operational Commands, Full Color Touch Sensitive graphics panel, and Auto Cal for Maximum... Read More
  • 5. Mini Rad-V Vehicle Mounted Radiation Detector

    Recognizing elevated radiation levels and detecting radioactive materials has never been easier. The ultra sensitive Mini Rad-V vehicle or vessel mounted radiation detector takes the proven performance and reliability of the Mini Rad-D and Rad-D technology to new levels for first responders and... Read More
  • 5. Rad-D- Portable Radiation Monitor

    The Rad-D is a fixed-position radiation detector that is used to monitor doorways, driveways, or loading docks. It can inspect packages or luggage on conveyor belts; and it can be integrated with an X-ray machine or a metal detector to increase the kinds of dangers detected. The Rad-D can also... Read More
  • 5. Rad-DX Safeguard Robust Environmental Radiation Monitor

    The Rad-DX SafeGuard is a state-of-the-art radiation area monitor that provides real-time detection, data collection, and location of radiation threats across any area. It is based on the Rad-DX wireless radiation area monitor. The SafeGuard is a mesh networked radiation detector with a... Read More
  • 5. Rad-DX Wireless Mesh Networked Radiation Detector

    The Rad-DX is a wireless mesh networked radiation detector with a sensitive scintillation detector which allows it to detect discreet sources of radiation in less than one second. A number of versions are now available including an extended range monitor capable of handling dose rates of up to... Read More
  • 5. TPM 903B Portable Portal Monitor

    The TPM-903B is a lightweight, portable portal monitor that is ideal for either permanent or temporary installation. The aperture accommodates pedestrians, wheelchairs, walkers, ambulance gurneys and strollers; and can also be easily adapted as a vehicle monitor. Emergency response teams,... Read More

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