Novatron, Inc.

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10401 Roselle Street, Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92121
About Novatron, Inc.
  • Novatron develops and applies technology for defense and commercial applications. The company has developed an innovative Advanced UV System (AUVS) technology that provides a breakthrough in capability for destruction of harmful biological substances in flowing air and on surfaces. This technology is ideally suited to protecting critical government, military and civilian facilities against biological attack by treating incoming and make up air in building HVAC systems. Specific applications include air treatment for hospitals, portable shelters, aircraft, ships, land vehicles and military and civilian housing. The technology is effective for treating air in surgery and isolation rooms, for producing sterile air for pharmaceutical manufacturing and for treating air in commercial buildings to destroy mold and other contaminants.
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Products by Novatron, Inc.
  • BioProtector

    State-of-the-art Advanced UV System (AUVS) Technology for air sterilization that sets a new standard for high level protection against bio hazards (greater than 6 log kill against highly resistant endospores). The Novatron BioProtector is specifically designed for critical clean air requirements... Read more