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  • 2G Command Console

    Allen Vanguard’s Defender and Digital Vanguard bomb disposal robots are operated by the new 2G Command Console Kit - the most versatile, safe and ‘future proof’ robot control system for EOD, IEDD and Tactical Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). The 2G is capable of commanding multiple digitally... Read More
  • ACE Advanced Clearance Ensemble

    The ACE is a modular personal protective equipment (PPE) design that soldiers can scale up or down for performing demining, mine clearance, UXO and booby trap clearance during peacetime and conflict. The ACE starts with a Vest. Soldiers can add Trousers, Sleeves, and either Blast Plates or... Read More
  • Advanced Enclosure System

    The 4-panel Advanced Enclosure was developed to enhance the Blast/CBRN Containment, Mitigation and Decontamination capabilities of the Universal Containment System (UCS). It is a recommended optional accessory to the standard UCS system, and allows a Bomb Disposal Technician greater flexibility... Read More
  • Air Foam Dolly

    The Air Foam Dolly System (AFDS) is a rugged portable self-contained unit that delivers CASCAD foam for CBRN Decontamination and EOD/IEDD Blast Mitigation operations. The Air Foam Dolly System can decontaminate Chemical/Biological (C/B) agents from as much as 140 m2 (1506 ft2) of surface area... Read More
  • Ballistic Containment Blanket

    The Ballistic Containment Blanket is a lightweight and versatile blanket used to make an enclosure / tent and is ideal for an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) placed in challenging locations. The Ballistic Containment Blanket can also be used to seal off large openings such as doorways,... Read More
  • Bomb Blast Suppression Blanket

    Bomb Blast Suppression Blankets are used to suppress the blast and fragmentation from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that can cause damage and injuries. These Blankets are useful for mitigating IEDs containing relatively smaller charges, such as what might be contained in a small briefcase... Read More
  • C4 / PC4 Electronic Voice Amplifier

    This electronic voice amplifier mounts to the PC4 Air Purifying Respirator mask to improve the clarity of speech and distance a voice carries when wearing a mask. Using the amplifier dynamically improves Command and Control in NBC environments. -Amplifies user’s voice up to 60m (200ft)... Read More
  • C50

    NIOSH approved full facemask respirator that provides high protection, outstanding field of vision and superior comfort. Its innovative design features optimize the user’s operation time, whether it’s for battlefield CBRN protection, law enforcement or counter terror operations. With the... Read More
  • CASCAD Foam

    The Canadian Aqueous System for Chemical / Biological Agent Decontamination (CASCAD) foam is recommended for use by militaries to destroy all known Chemical and Biological agents – including thickened agents - within NATO specified times. It is ideal for demilitarization, site remediation and... Read More
  • Chemical Payloads

    Allen Vanguard’s CBRN Decontamination and Blast Mitigation equipment requires the use of one or more chemical payloads. A Payload is a pre-measured quantity of 1, 2 or 3 chemicals which are ordered as a single item and supplied as a boxed set. The recommended order quantity for operational... Read More
  • Chemical Protective Molded Glove

    The ergonomically correct Chemical Protective Molded Glove provides up to 24 hours protection against Chemical and Biological agents. -Rounded fingertips and corrugations on the fingers for improved dexterity and a tighter wrist to keep the glove firm on the hand and facilitate the... Read More
  • Commander/Gunner

    Allen Vanguard’s customized Commander/Gunner Blast Seats protect the commanders of tracked and wheeled combat vehicles by isolating them within a vehicle from the effects of a roadside IED and mine blast. Our Commander Blast Seats are typically fitted to the ceiling, but can also be wall or... Read More
  • Concealed Backpack

    The Concealed Backpack is a man-portable, self contained unit for emergency and spot CBRN Decontamination of property, vehicles, public transit systems and confined spaces. It dispenses Allen Vanguard’s CASCAD CBRN Decontamination Foam which can also encapsulate Radiological particles. Its... Read More
  • CPU Chemical Protective Undersuit

    The Chemical Protective Undergarment, commonly referred to as the CPU, provides a level of protection against a range of potentially hazardous Chemical and Biological agents. It is recommended that the CPU be worn, as stipulated by a response unit's own operating procedures, under the Med-Eng... Read More
  • Crew/Troop

    Allen Vanguard provides customized Troop Seats and Crew Seats to isolate forward-facing and side-facing occupants of tracked and wheeled combat vehicles against roadside IEDs and mine blasts. Depending upon the vehicle, our ‘high back’ and ‘low back’ Troop Seats and Crew Seats can be fitted... Read More
  • Defender ROV

    The Defender ROV is a sophisticated large bomb disposal robot with heavy lifting capability and a very powerful weight to strength ratio that helps bomb techs respond to VBIEDs and CBRN agents. This EOD/IEDD Robot has a titanium frame and can deploy X-ray systems, explosive charges and... Read More
  • Defoamer

    The CBRN Defoamer provides a fast and effective tool for collecting SDF or CASCAD CBRN decontamination foam or a Blast Mitigation Foam after use. As the foam is collected from an open surface or a blast enclosure, the CBRN Defoamer applies a solution to eliminate the bubbles and reduces the foam... Read More
  • Demining Apron

    The Demining Apron offers lightweight frontal protection against blast-type anti-personnel (AP) mines. The Demining Apron addresses the need for comfort and flexibility when performing demining activities over long periods of time, without compromising personal safety. It is ideal for use in... Read More
  • Demining Hand and Foot Protection

    Spider Boot Foot Protection System The Spider Boot Foot Protection System is a truly revolutionary design for protecting a deminer’s feet and legs against blast-type anti-personnel mines. It can be worn without training in almost any terrain for reconnaissance, detection and victim... Read More
  • Demolition Accessories

    RFI Remote Firing Initiator System The Remote RF Initiator Firing System is a lightweight and cost-effective system providing safe and reliable remote initiation capability for explosive charges and disrupters. The System consists of a Command Unit and up to 5 Remote Initiator units. DX10U... Read More
  • Digital Vanguard ROV

    The Digital Vanguard Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is a multipurpose robot for responding to EOD/IEDD and CBRN threats, surveillance and tactical missions. Its low profile, mobility and dexterity enable this robot to access confined spaces such as under vehicles, as well as the aisles and... Read More
  • Driver

    Allen Vanguard provides customized Driver Blast Seats to protect tracked and wheeled combat vehicle drivers by isolating them from the effects upon a vehicle from a roadside IED or mine. Depending upon the vehicle, the Driver Blast Seat is configured to fit to the ceiling, wall or floor to... Read More
  • EOD 8 and SRS 5 Suits and Helmets

    Thousands of Med-Eng EOD 8 and SRS 5 Suits and Helmets are widely trusted by bomb disposal EOD/IEDD technicians around the world. The Med-Eng SRS 5 was introduced in 1997 and is renowned for its mobility and integration with an SCBA respirator for CBRN blast threats. It features two... Read More
  • FM53

    Based on the US Government JSGPM (Joint Services General Purpose Mask) Program, the 53-Series protective Mask was specifically developed to meet the unique requirements of Special Operations Units to counter the multiple threats encountered on the modern battlefield, war on terrorism and peace... Read More
  • Foot Pads

    Allen Vanguard’s combat vehicle Foot Protection Systems are customized to protect the lower limbs of occupants in tracked and wheeled combat vehicles against roadside IEDs and mine blasts. They reduce the risk of serious injury by helping to isolate the occupant and absorb the energy that it is... Read More
  • FRK First Responder Kit

    The First Responder Kit (FRK) is a complete set of personal protection equipment for First Responders who may be exposed to CBRN and WMD materials. All items have been tested to ensure the required levels of comfort and protection for the user. Key Features -Includes Air Purifying Respirator... Read More
  • HAL Access Kits - Access, Vehicle, Building

    HAL Hook and Line Access Kit (AK) The HAL Hook and Line Access Kit provides Bomb Disposal Technicians with a set of 15 unique and modular components and specialty clamps used either individually or in unison. They integrate with the HAL General Service (GS) and HAL GS Lite kits to remotely... Read More
  • HAL Backpack Kit

    The HAL Backpack is a lightweight tactical EOD/IEDD Hook and Line semi-remote rigging kit which combines the capabilities of a core Hook and Line kit with exceptional portability. It is specifically designed for EOD/IEDD tasks where speedy and straightforward deployment of equipment is critical... Read More
  • HAL General Service GS & GS Lite

    HAL General Service Kit The HAL GS General Service Hook and Line Kit provides bomb disposal technicians with a comprehensive set of recommended core tools to successfully conduct EOD/IEDD semi-remote handling tasks. It includes over 100 Hook and Line items and over 30 different component... Read More
  • HAL Heavy Duty Hook & Line Kit

    HAL HD Heavy Duty Hook and Line Kit is engineered specifically for use in all EOD/IEDD, search situations and CMD tasks dealing with UXO’s, as well as certain confined space operations. It is recommended for semi-remote rigging tasks involving heavy loads, large explosive devices and vehicle... Read More
  • HAL Tripods

    HAL 1 Line Tripod (TP1L) The HAL 1 Line Tripod (also called the TP1L or One Line Tripod) provides the EOD technician with greater control when lifting and extracting. This innovative device requires only a single line to first lift the target object, then trigger a hinged drop arm that... Read More
  • ICPE

    The ICPE is the latest generation of the Cupola Protection Ensemble (CPE) for vehicle gunners. It is a modular protective ensemble designed to protect exposed gunners using crew-served weapons on military vehicles from the effects of roadside improvised explosive devices (IED) and other... Read More
  • IDAS

    The Integrated Dismounted Armor System - Military (IDAS) protects the extremities of mounted and dismounted personnel against battlefield threats including fragmentation and bullets. The defining feature of the IDAS is how it can be deployed as a modular and scalable protection system to... Read More
  • IDAS-T

    The Integrated Dismounted Armor System - Tactical (IDAS - T) protects the extremities of Law Enforcement officers against fragmentation and ballistic threats. The IDAS - Tactical is NTOA Member Tested and recommended, with additional testing information available upon request. The IDAS -... Read More
  • LCG Liquid Circulating Garments

    The LCG Vest is engineered to circulate chilled water through multiple circuits of tubing for optimal personal cooling. The cooling vest fits snuggly and covers the torso, where the largest quantity of heat transfer occurs. The LCG Vest combines with Allen Vanguard Chillers to combat heat... Read More
  • LDE Lightweight Demining Ensemble

    The Med-Eng LDE is a modular suit that provides balanced protection against blast type anti-personnel mines. The LDE enables a deminer or UXO technician to work comfortably in all operational climates without need of body cooling equipment. The modular design can be configured quickly and easily... Read More
  • LDH Demining Helmet

    LDH Demining Helmet Thousands of Med-Eng LDH Demining Helmets are in use in UXO and mine clearance operations, including prodding, surveying, mine detection, excavation, and vegetation clearance. This helmet & visor has been tested against simulated blast-type anti-personnel mines of up to 200... Read More
  • LPODS (Large Portable Decontamination System)

    LPODS (Large Portable Decontamination System) provides an easily portable large area decontamination capability for teams tasked with rapid response to incidents where a speedy remediation is required to restore an asset to normal use. It can fit in the box of a North American pick up truck and... Read More
  • Med-Eng EOD 9 Suit & Helmet

    The Med-Eng EOD 9 Bomb Suit and Helmet ensemble has been designed with direct input from bomb disposal technicians to provide the highest degree of modular protection and operational flexibility for EOD and CBRN missions. The Med-Eng EOD 9 platform can be configured in the field by EOD or IEDD... Read More
  • Modular System

    The Modular System is made up of the core equipment needed to create a scalable CBRN response capability for IED Blast Containment, Blast Mitigation and CBRN Decontamination. This gives the operator the flexibility to place equipment in accordance with the scene layout. This solution is ideal... Read More
  • NBC Protective Overboot

    A fully antistatic protective overboot providing up to 24 hours protection against chemical agents. -All Butyl structure can be fully decontaminated -Meets NSN 8430-99-869-0394 to 0399 (Overboots NBC MK5) -Meets Mil Spec EN 344 and DIN 4843 -Three adjustable elastic loop closures for... Read More
  • Non-Magnetic Tools

    Certified Non-Magnetic Tool Kit: A, B, C, 35, 84 Allen Vanguard’s Non-Magnetic EOD Tools are designed to meet the needs of NATO EOD units. They provide a capability to deal with older unexploded ordnance (UXO) as well as improvised explosive devices. Each kit meets the stringent requirements of... Read More
  • PC4

    The PC4 protective gas mask has been developed specifically to meet the unique needs of Police and First Responders worldwide. The PC4 mask meets specifications for operation in a Chemical or Biological contaminated environment, as well as in areas where Riot Control Agents are present. The PC4... Read More
  • Remote Handling

    TM600 Telescopic Manipulator The TM600 Telescopic Manipulator provides an improved ability for Bomb Disposal Technicians and EOD/IEDD Operators to maximize their standoff distance when working in close proximity to a suspect package or Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The popular TM600 is the... Read More
  • SDF Foam

    Allen Vanguard’s Surface Decontamination Foam (SDF) destroys all known Chemical and Biological agents according to NATO specified times. It is highly recommended for use by First Responders in decontaminating facilities and equipment as well as encapsulating Radiological particles for clean up.... Read More
  • Small Scale Decontamination

    FAST-ACT is a First Applied Sorbent Treatment - Against Chemical Threats and a highly effective handheld solution for neutralizing small scale Chemical hazards. It can be safely applied to any liquid or vapour release enabling Emergency Responders to utilize one product when faced with a wide... Read More
  • ST53 Multi-Role Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) System

    The ST53 combines Avon Protection Systems’ FM53 mask with new and innovative modular breathing apparatus technology to provide positive pressure SCBA and PAPR capability. The ST53 is a Multi-Role Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) system that provides the operator with total flexibility... Read More
  • Universal Containment Tent & System

    The Universal Containment System (UCS) or blast tent, is designed to be placed over a suspect Improvised Explosive Device (IED) containing CBRNe threats, and then filled with CASCAD foam to mitigate explosions, decontaminate hazardous materials and encapsulate Radiological particles. The... Read More
  • VBS-450 Demining Visor

    The VBS-450 Demining Visor fits select combat helmets to provide enhanced demining protection against fragments from blast-type anti-personnel (AP) mines. -Adjustable band fits select combat helmets -Visor locks in the lowered position during operations or in the raised position during rest... Read More
  • Vehicle Sensors - BlackBIRD

    The BlackBIRD (Blast Incident Reconnaissance Device) system is an important breakthrough in the effort to improve vehicle and crew survivability by collecting and quantifying real time, in-theatre data on the conditions present during a blast event. The blast event data gathered by BlackBIRD can... Read More

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