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About Thruvision Inc.

Thruvision is the leading provider of next-generation people security screening technology. Using patented “Passive Terahertz Technology”, Thruvision cameras are uniquely capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic threats including weapons, explosives and contraband items that are hidden under clothing, at distances up to 10m. Addressing the growing need for fast, safe-distance, contactless, and effective security, Thruvision has been vetted and approved by the US Government’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for surface transportation. Recently awarded by the US Custom and Border Protection and deployed at several different land, sea, and air "Ports of Entry".
Operationally deployed in 20 countries around the world for applications including airport security, surface transportation, entrances and public venue protection, customs and border control and retail supply chain loss prevention.

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Products by Thruvision Inc.

By Thruvision Inc.

The Thruvision TAC is a very high-performance people-screening camera, with the greater detection sensitivity allowing use with moving people. Allows operator to see guns and other threat items at a distance of up to 20ft on walking people. Detects all types of metallic and non-metallic... Read more »