GreenTec-USA Inc

22375 Broderick Drive, Suite 155
Sterling, VA 20166

About GreenTec-USA Inc

GreenTec-USA, Inc. (GreenTec) provides defense for systems and data against Ransomware, data sabotage, manipulation, deletion, disclosure, deletion, insider threats and other cyber-attacks. CYBERdisks and WORMdisks are the key building block for the NIST Special Publications 1800-11 Data Integrity Project for protection against Ransomware. They are DISA validated and Chain Security Analytics certified. WORMdisks and CYBERdisks are the last line of defense when hackers have penetrated perimeter controls or authentication mechanisms, or viruses attack systems and data. They prevent and abort the attack in real-time with continuous cyber-protection at the hardware-level, inside of the disk drive itself and are not bypassable or hackable.

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