Drakegatan 7
Gothenburg, 41250

About Cryptzone

Cryptzone started its journey as Secured eMail - a company providing an Email encryption solution made easy enough for anyone to be able to secure their communication, all the while keeping the security at the highest possible level.

Not before long, Secured eMail started expanding and quickly grew to become a market leader in Content Security. Today, the company is called Cryptzone and supplies some of the worlds larger companies with solutions for email encryption, file encryption, hard disk encryption, USB security as well as port control.

Cryptzone continues to be a market leader at content encryption and security, and today partners with some of the big names such as Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Workshare & SafeNet.

Cryptzone AB (publ) went public on the 4th of February, 2008 and is now listed on First North, Stockholm Stock Exchange.