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If you feel you are being illegally bugged, wiretapped, tracked or spycam'ed, this report is the best first step you can take to solving your concerns.

• Learn what to do... and what not to do.

• Follow the check-list to solve the problem once and for all.

• Avoid the biggest, money-wasting mistakes most people make.

Personal privacy invasion is devastating. There is also the hurt when those around you become skeptical and call you paranoid.

This logical, do-it-yourself, step-by-step guide can resolve your concerns. The guide will help you...

• Determine whether the problem is real or coincidence.
• Provide circumstantial evidence indicating who is doing it.
• Discover what method of spying is being used.
• Focus in on where the spying device is located.
• Decide what to do next once a problem is proven to exist.

The secret to solving spy and snoop problems is not obvious. Instinctively, people want to "find the bug" – the worst first step. They needlessly spend money on spy detection gadgets or incompetent sweep services. The element of surprise is lost. The snoop goes free and plans the next attack so that it will be even harder to detect.
Quit Bugging Me was written by an independent and certified professional security consultant with over three decades of corporate counterespionage experience.

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