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Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company

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2421 Westport Parkway, Suite 200
Fort Worth, TX 76177

About Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company

  • Overview: The Bell/Agusta BA609 Tiltrotor combines the speed, altitude and comfort of a turboprop with the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of a helicopter. Having cruising capabilities of 25,000 ft, this versatile aircraft will fly in known icing. With versatile seating (9 std, 6 VIP, 11 high density) and flying up to twice the speed of conventional helicopters of comparable capacity, the BA609 is designed to be the best multi-mission aircraft for the task. It is one of the most useful and versatile aircraft in aviation history. Various kits and optional equipment for the BA609 are being explored for government use as both a replacement for some fixed wing and other rotary wing support roles. US Homeland security roles include Coast Guard, Customs, and Interior applications. Many other governments have expressed interest as well in the BA609 mission capability ranging from Search and Rescue, to EMS, offshore/onshore shuttle,
    Border management, and VIP. Certification Targeted for 2011 with deliveries to follow.

    Program Update: The BA609 has completed over 350 flight test hours and over 225 hours in ground run in two flight test centers; one in Ft.Worth, Tx (USA) and one in Cameri (Italy). With approximately 60% of the test data in hand, the 3rd and 4th test aircraft are in assembly and will enter the flight test program in support of the remaining certification requirements.
    The BA609 is on target for certification to Transport Category Standards for both FAA and EASA airworthiness, Compliant w/ JAROPS 3 and the new OGP guidelines. BA609 Tiltrotor is the only aircraft type in the world certified to meet FAA Parts 23, 25, 27 and 29 airworthiness to Transport Category Standards.
    BA609 is also a very “GREEN “ machine. The BA609 already complies with the ICAO noise limits set for 2012, with notable margins (3-8 dBa). Also, the fuel economy of the BA609 is over 3 times more miles per gallon (MPG’s) than that of typical helicopters, and more than 50% better than many business jet aircraft.
    Bell/Agusta currently has Purchase Agreements for over 75 BA609 tiltrotor aircraft from over 40 customers in over 20 countries.

    1. Fly-by-wire Flight Control System
    2. Dual Pilot IFR
    3. Pressurized Cabin (5.5 psi)
    4. Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney PT6-67A Turboshaft
    5. 25,000 ft Service Ceiling
    6. Heated Composite Rotor Blades
    7. Composite Fiber-Placed Fuselage w/aluminum
    internal structure
    8. 50 cu ft baggage compartment

    1. Vh -- 275 kts
    2. Range – 700 nm (no reserve)
    3. Max GW – 16,800 lbs / Useful Load – 5,500 lbs.
    4. Hover OGE - 5300 ft, STOL over 10,000 ft, ISA+20
    5. OEI enroute ceiling – over 12,000 ft MGW, ISA+20
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