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Products in the Government Security Directory

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  • T24: Hemispheric IP Video Door Station By MOBOTIX CORP

    T24: Hemispheric IP Video Door Station Better Overview, Increased Security, More Possibilities Door stations with integrated cameras have been around for years. They are almost always based on analog TV technology that is over 60 years old and, because of the system involved, can only deliver... Read More
  • T-8000 Vehicle RFID Tag By 1st Choice Security Solutions Inc.

    1st Choice T-8000 Long Range Vehicle Tags easily identify Automobiles, Trucks, Buses and towed Trailers for Gate Access Control at Military Bases, Airports, Gated Communities, Hospitals, Trucking and Bus Terminals, Mines, Single Family Homes, and all kinds of Commercial Facilities. When combined... Read More
  • T-9000 Personnel Badge Tag By 1st Choice Security Solutions Inc.

    1st Choice T-9000 Personnel Badge Tags identify and track employees and visitors in office buildings, hospitals warehouses, mines, schools, military bases, etc. for access control, emergency evacuation and mustering. Personnel Badge Tags can be functionally linked to each other or asset/vehicle... Read More
  • TACLANE®-C100 By General Dynamics C4 Systems

    The TACLANE-C100 Encryptor will provide users with a non-CCI solution to protect information classified Secret and below for both strategic and tactical environments. The TACLANE-C100 Encryptor will be a HAIPE® Suite B solution that meets the Cryptographic High Value Product (CHVP) requirements... Read More
  • TACLANE®-GigE Encryptor (KG-175A) By General Dynamics C4 Systems

    The TACLANE®-GigE is the latest high-speed solution for secure communications based on the TACLANE encryptor technology that is proven, certified and deployed worldwide. The TACLANE-GigE enables high bandwidth applications is HAIPE® IS and Crypto Modernization Compliant. The TACLANE-GigE is easy... Read More
  • TACLANE®-Micro (KG-175D) By General Dynamics C4 Systems

    Smallest, Lightest, Tactical HAIPE® IS solution The TACLANE®-Micro is the next generation High Assurance IP Encryptor Interoperability Specification (HAIPE® IS) and Crypto Modernization Compliant encryptor. Optimized for both tactical and strategic environments, the TACLANE-Micro is... Read More
  • TACT Software By Defense Group Inc./ CoBRA Software

    Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Software. Based on national guidance and training for Crisis Negotiation Teams, the TACT solution provides specific tools in the management of hostage and barricade incidents, by building complete situational awareness via digital tools and data specific to the... Read More
  • Tailgate Detection By Designed Security, Inc.

    Affordable, versatile, and easy to install, Entry Sentry uses 32 infrared sensors to detect tailgating through any door or hallway. The system includes a built-in door prop timer and a state-of-the-art sounder to set off an alarm when more than one person enters at a time. Entry Sentry can also... Read More
  • Tall Cylinder Racks - ISO/DOT By American Airworks™

    American Airworks DOT & ISO cylinder racks are built for stationary and mobile applications for both vertical and horizontal placement and come in many cylinder configurations. Our DOT and ISO cylinder racks are manufactured using heavy welded steel, powder coated black in color and each... Read More
  • Tamron 1/3" 2.8-8mm F/1.2 3MP Vari-Focal IR Lenses By Tamron USA, Inc.

    TAMRON DEVELOPS TWO MEGA-PIXEL IR-CORRECTED 1/3”-FORMAT VARI-FOCAL LENSES Two models of 2.8-8mm are compatible with 3-Mega-pixel-Day/Night cameras and deliver full high-definition 1080p images over the entire focal length range, both in visible and near-infrared light ranges. March 8, 2010,... Read More
  • Tamron 1/3" 3.0-8mm F/1.0 650 TVL High Res IR Lenses By Tamron USA, Inc.

    Two models of a 3.0-8mm F/1.0 Vari-Focal lens model are fast and IR-corrected while supporting 650 TV-line resolution performance. Development Background With the diversification of image sensors in the field of surveillance cameras for VGA and SD applications, new image sensors such as CMOS... Read More
  • Tamron DC28105N-12 Indoor Mini Dome By Tamron USA, Inc.

    The new Model DC28105N-12 features a 2.8-10.5mm F/1.2 high quality lens that yields excellent imaging results for surveillance applications. Development Concept With the expansion of the integrated camera market, there is a strong demand for mini-dome cameras that boast superior cost... Read More
  • Tamron Double Vari Focal Lenses By Tamron USA, Inc.

    The Tamron Double Vari-Focal solution covers extreme wide-angle to revealing-telephoto with 3-Mega-Pixel resolution using just two lenses. With performance being the dominate design priority, this pair of Tamron Mega-Pixel lenses ensures image integrity across a broad range of security... Read More
  • TCIS-2 By Vingtor-Stentofon by the Zenitel Group

    •Vandal resistant SIP and IP intercom •Audio Presence - crystal clear audio •Amazing sound pressure levels when needed with automatic volume adjustment •Background noise cancellation •Dirt, dust and water resistant - rating IP-66 •Built to last with robust die-cast aluminum frame - rating IK... Read More
  • TCP Packet Transfer System By Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

    Secure TCP Technology Secure TCP Packet Transfer System (TPTS) provides a TCP application level protocol bridge across our patented, hardware based security to support one-way communications. Secure TPTS hardware uses custom device drivers for the communication cards and the low level... Read More
  • TelAlert By OnSolve

    TelAlert uses advanced notification technology to simplify the administration of network management, help desk and financial processing systems by automatically launching IT event alerts to key personnel. With TelAlert, a notification is triggered whenever an event like an escalated help desk... Read More
  • Teleconference Tables By Winsted Corp., The

    Save time and travel expenses with our Video Coast 2 Coast teleconferencing workstations. Sturdy, strong, flexible VC2C tables paired with our exclusive M-View monitor wall create a complete video/ teleconferencing environment. Read More
  • Telephone Entry Systems By DoorKing, Inc.

    DoorKing provides a full range of telephone entry systems and accessories to meet your specific application requirements. The 1830 series (1833, 1834, 1835, 1837) are PC programmable systems and include the DoorKing Remote Account Manager and Transaction Analysis software. The 1802, 1803, 1808... Read More
  • Telguard HomeControl By Telguard

    Combining Telguard’s life safety communications with the award-winning iControl Networks OpenHome software platform, Telguard HomeControl allows dealers to offer cellular connectivity, interactive services and life style management, all in one the Go!Control-inspired user interface. Read More
  • Temperature Screening Cameras By Cantronic Systems (Canada) Inc

    FeverScan M3000 Series: System for Temperature Screening The Cantronic Systems Inc. FeverScan M3000S System is designed for mass screening of public areas; using IR technology. It finds individual targets with elevated temperatures. As a group of target objects pass the camera, a thermal image... Read More
  • Tent and Structure Heaters By International Thermal Research

    Based on designs that have been in longstanding military use, the PIONEER line of portable, diesel-fired space heaters are meant for use in use in mining camps, tents, fishing shacks, yurts and other off-the-grid structures. There are three PIONEER space heaters: The TREKKER, the EXPEDITION, and... Read More
  • TETRA 4000 4-channel digital video By TKH Security Solutions USA, Inc.

    4-channel digital video multiplexer Uncompressed digital video No signal degradation over long distances Adjustment free operation Compact rack-mount or stand-alone Read More
  • The 3VR Data Integration Platform By 3VR Security Inc

    The 3VR Data Integration Platform is an open system that allows video surveillance data to be correlated against data from a broad range of critical security and business systems, including transaction, POS, intrusion, access control, ATM, teller line, or virtually any other system. Read More
  • The Beacon™ Series - Optical Turnstiles By Controlled Access, Inc.

    Our line of barrier-free pedestrian control devices. Using a non-restrictive method to control traffic flow, these optical turnstiles are ideally suited for office personnel entrances where the majority of the people enter using an ID card. This allows for rapid pedestrian advancement and... Read More
  • The Brute™ Waist High Turnstile Series By Controlled Access, Inc.

    The Brute™ Series waist high turnstile units operate reliably with high traffic volumes where cost is an important consideration. Heavy 7-gauge metal cabinets can be interfaced with LCD counters, computer attendance systems, card readers coin/token acceptors, push-button and wireless remotes.... Read More
  • The Executive™ Series - Waist High Turnstiles By Controlled Access, Inc.

    Our premier interior application unit. Ideally suited for prestigious settings such as banks, offices, embassies and museums. This highly versatile line can take on any look. Order these in a satin stainless or powder coat finish, with a solid surface cover to match your design needs. We... Read More
  • The High Security Series - Full Height Turnstiles and Turnstile Gates By Controlled Access, Inc.

    Controlled Access manufactures the most reliable full-height turnstiles available. The High-Security Series units can be engineered to meet all your security and control requirements, and can be created as stand-alone units, or as part of an integrated system. Available in stainless steel,... Read More
  • The LockDown By LockDown, Inc.

    Keep Your Manholes Secure With The LockDown Security Device If anything enters your facility from below ground, the answer is yes. If these holes aren't secured with the LockDown Device™, then your infrastructure is vulnerable. You control access to your site, your buildings, your data... Read More
  • The LockDry By LockDown, Inc.

    Protect Underground Assests from Surface Water, Spills, Dirt & Debris Inflow is Causing Excess Expense & Jeopardizing Your Reputation Manholes are access points to your sanitary and storm sewers systems. They are also a source of inflow—undesirable water and debris adding to your operating... Read More
  • The LockOut By LockDown, Inc.

    Keep Your Handhole Secure With The LockOut Security Device Purpose Secures the lid from unauthorized access. Features • Strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel • Easy to install • Minimal modification to structure (if any) • Protective covering keeps out dirt and... Read More
  • The LockUp By LockDown, Inc.

    Protect Freight and Cargo with The LockUp Security Device Purpose Tamper-resistant lock cover protects valuable contents in freight cars and cargo units. Features • Durable two piece construction • Fits multiple size doors • Works with multiple types of locks Read More
  • The MorphoAccess® J- Series Biometric Access Control Reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    The MorphoAccess® J-Series fingerprint identification readers are easy-to-implement access control devices. Combining stylish design and reliability, they bring the security of biometrics to any kind of installation, in prestige premises (corporate offices, buildings etc…) or outdoor... Read More
  • The SHIELD By AutoGate, Inc.

    The Shield® is a K-12 rated full size Vertical Pivot Lift anti-ram crash barrier gate system. The Shield® pivots open to 90 degrees and has a clear opening of up to 15 feet. Because The Shield® pivots vertically, it is not impeded by sand or snow. Gates are built custom to specifications and... Read More
  • The Stadium Fastpass™ Series - Waist High Security Turnstiles By Controlled Access, Inc.

    This series is made for years of reliable service in high traffic, high volume applications like stadiums, convention centers, landmarks and military bases. The cabinets are constructed of heavy 14-gauge, 300 series stainless steel and feature our Enduro Control Head with auto indexing and shock... Read More
  • The Vorsphere By Airolusion Ltd

    A blast proof containment vessel for the safe containment and removal of a wide range of explosive devices from letter bombs, ied's, land mines to packed suitcases. Read More
  • Thermal Ally Imaging Camera By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

    Digital Ally’s lightweight, versatile Thermal Ally is perfect for revealing hidden assailants, evidence, disturbed surfaces, unconscious victims, & more. Increase your safety and efficiency, day or night, in any weather. It features a fast acquisition, focus free lens; five image enhancing color... Read More
  • Thread Saver® SCBA Cyl Valve Protection By American Airworks™

    THREAD SAVER® helps prevent serious valve thread damage that will disable your SCBA just when you need it most. Plus, it will save you as much as $425.00, if you have to replace a damaged valve body with a new valve. Thread protection is needed for soft aluminum valve threads of breathing... Read More
  • Thruvision TAC By Thruvision Inc.

    The Thruvision TAC is a very high-performance people-screening camera, with the greater detection sensitivity allowing use with moving people. Allows operator to see guns and other threat items at a distance of up to 20ft on walking people. Detects all types of metallic and non-metallic... Read More
  • Time Track By Jolly Technologies

    Time Track makes it easy for you to keep track of your employees, record their hours and manage access to your facility. Register employees and contractors. Capture their photo, ngerprint and signature. Design and print plastic ID cards or issue temporary paper badges using the... Read More
  • TITUS Message Classification By TITUS

    TITUS Message Classification is an easy-to-use email security solution that ensures every Microsoft Outlook email is classified and protectively marked before it is sent. By classifying email at the time of creation, organizations can identify the information value and manage the content... Read More
  • TK-C2201UA Analog Mini-Dome By JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation

    The TK-C2201UA provides day and night outdoor monitoring with high-resolution images and a vandal-proof rugged body. It features a robust polycarbonate dome cover, die-cast aluminum body, and is IP66 compliant to protect from water and dust. With new 14-bit digital signal processing, the... Read More
  • Tornado Resistant Windows By Winco Window

    Long a leading manufacturer of hurricane-rated (large missile impact) commercial windows, Winco has introduced a unique lineup of aluminum tornado-rated windows, built to withstand direct impact from a 15 lb. section of 2x4 lumber, shot from a test cannon at over 100 mph. WINCO offers tornado... Read More
  • Trainingweb Online Courses and Learning Management By Summit Training Source, Inc.

    perience the power of utilizing the latest software combined with quality content, customization options, and full administrator capabilities for your online training. Summit offers over 200 interactive online training courses, including foreign language, for a flexible and cost-effective... Read More
  • Transira Window Solutions By Winco Window

    Transira Window Solutions Helping to Create Virus-Resistant Spaces in Healthcare Settings The award-winning, Transira Prime Window Solutions, encases a high-performance vertical shade within an insulated window, eliminating the possibility that allergens and airborne pathogens cling to the... Read More
  • Transira Window Solutions - Retrofit Configuration By Winco Window

    There’s a new smart way to add security and energy upgrades to existing window systems. WINCO’s new Transira™ Window Solutions program integrates a motorized, high-tech shading system inside a custom-made window, and then integrates motor controls that can be controlled by your local control... Read More
  • Triple Canopy By Triple Canopy

    Triple Canopy is a leading provider of security, mission support and risk management services to government agencies, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations worldwide. From logistics and training to personal protection and crisis management, Triple Canopy offers... Read More
  • Triple Stand Rapid Deployment Unit By Allied Tube & Conduit, A Part of Atkore International

    Allied Tube & Conduit's Triple Strand Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) is a quickly deployed security perimeter appropriate for emerging threats or for a permanent barrier. With the capacity to deploy 480' of Razor Ribbon ® in just two minutes, our Triple Strand RDU takes the place of a large crew... Read More
  • Tripwire Compliance and Risk Management Solutions By Tripwire

    Reduce costs and maintain IT compliance with Tripwire compliance automation. An increasing number of sophisticated threats have placed unprecedented pressure on information security managers, forcing them to meet external regulatory compliance requirements or internal security mandates in order... Read More
  • Tripwire Enterprise By Tripwire

    Use Tripwire Enterprise for system hardening and compliance enforcement. Tripwire Policy Manager delivers proactive configuration hardening based on compliance requirements, reduces audit preparation time and cost, and provides audit-ready reporting with evidence of compliance, remediation and... Read More
  • Tripwire IP360 By Tripwire

    Discover what's on your network with Tripwire IP360. Maintain security of your assets. Discover every device, software and application for a comprehensive view of your network. Build effective risk management and compliance processes. We're your first line of defense for threat security. Find... Read More
  • Tripwire IT Security By Tripwire

    Tripwire delivers IT-efficient solutions to maximize security performance and align security with business needs. Save time and money for both IT Security and IT Operations with automated, multi-user remediation workflow, and demonstrate business value through security performance. Read More
  • Tripwire Log Center By Tripwire

    Tripwire Log Center ensures you meet regulations around complete, secure and reliable log collection. Our advanced agent delivers encrypted, compressed logs, keeping data safe from interception, alteration and deletion. Address security incidents swiftly and share information across... Read More
  • Trucking & Transportation Background Checks By Corra Group

    Protect your Fleet with Corra's Background Screening Services Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance updates has changed substantially in the past few years. Most insurance companies will no longer provide you with the MVR DMV Driving Records Reports for your truckers and transport... Read More
  • TruckStop Vehicle Systems By Cansec Systems Ltd.

    Improve safety and reduce costs associated with operator accidents and abuse. A revolutionary new fleet management system which prevents unauthorized personnel from using lift trucks, service vehicles and other equipment where use must be restricted. TruckStop provides you with a complete audit... Read More
  • TSCM / Cyber TSCM Surveys By ComSec LLC

    ComSec's Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and eavesdropping detection services include detection of traditional audio and optical devices, as well as cyber eavesdropping devices that use wi-fi, bluetooth and/or cellular networks to capture, store and burst forward collected... Read More
  • TVE - Trusted Multilevel Computing By General Dynamics C4 Systems

    Simultaneous View of Multiple Security Levels on a Single Computer TVE is a software application that allows users to simultaneously view and access multiple security levels, operating systems and domains from a single computer, thereby eliminating the need for multiple computers. Easy to... Read More
  • TW-Series By Magnasphere Corp.

    This series is used in the security industry for door and window sensors in closed loop alarm systems. It has a wider actuation zone in the X or Y axis than other Form A MAGNASPHERE switches. Robust all metal construction is highly resistant to magnetic tamper and defeat, and permanent contact... Read More