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Products in the Government Security Directory

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  • Officer Patrol Thermal Imaging By e2v

    The Argus TT TYPE is specially designed to provide the user with the ultimate advantage over criminals. Not only does the TT TYPE detect the heat signatures of people and objects in daylight hours, it also provides an abundance of additional advantages in the dark of night. Read More
  • Offiicial Document Reader By 3M Cogent, Inc.

    Capturing the right data quickly, accurately and reliably is important to the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Our family of document readers provides you with a range of data capture alternatives that can easily be integrated into your traveler-processing applications. Read More
  • Online HAZWOPER Certificate Training By Summit Training Source, Inc.

    *OSHA does not certify or approve HAZWOPER training courses. Some students may complete the courses in less time than the course packages state. To fully comply with the HAZWOPER standard, hands-on training must also be completed. Easily complete required HAZWOPER training and meet compliance... Read More
  • Online OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Training By Summit Training Source, Inc.

    Stay efficient and and go above and beyond compliance with Summit's Online OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Training. Proven to be one of the most efficient and easy to use means of obtaining your DOL/OSHA course completion card, Summit’s Online OSHA 10 or 30 hour training sets the cornerstone for a safe... Read More

    A double Filter CBRN Assitant Blower Developed for the Israeli Ministry of Defence for rugged, combat-ready use The Onyx - 90 advanced and enhanced respirator blower is designed for evacuation teams and other personnel engaged in strenuous activity in dangerous environments. The Onyx - 90... Read More
  • OpenVision ™ LT By Envision CmosXray LLC

    OpenVision™ portable X-Ray scanner systems deploy within seconds directly from a field case. No computer to boot-up, no waiting for results. Safe as a handheld X-Ray machine, but can also be used as a robot deployed X-ray without modification. Access to only two sides of a package will allow... Read More
  • Optical Security Devices for Sensitive Documents By Security Foiling Limited

    Security Foiling’s document management and security solutions for government departments, agencies and embassies, include: Duogram™, a high-security, metallic foil-based image using a combination of Holograms with Securigrafix™ and/or Photografix™. It is used to protect documents and plastic... Read More
  • Optical Turnstiles By Boon Edam Inc.

    Boon Edam offers a wide range of optical turnstiles to suit any architectural decor or security need. Choose from barrier and barrier-free opticals, opticals with waist high and full height panels and a variety of finishes and options. All turnstiles are compatible with any access control system. Read More
  • Optical Turnstiles By Designed Security, Inc.

    Designed Security, Inc. Optical Turnstiles consist of bollards in a parallel arrangement to provide pedestrian walkways. Persons traveling through the walkway are screened by the use of a conventional access control device, i.e.: card reader, proximity reader, etc. Audible and visual... Read More
  • OPTICAL TURNSTILES By Alvarado Manufacturing Company, Inc.

    Our optical turnstiles are installed in government, corporate and entertainment facilities throughout the world and we are widely recognized as America’s leading optical turnstile manufacturer. Alvarado has been developing and manufacturing optical turnstiles since the 1990’s. Our optical... Read More
  • OptiLoop Property Protection By BEI Security, Inc.

    What is OptiLoop? A fiber-optic cable with ST connectors is threaded through the property to be protected. Infrared coded light is pulsed through the cable. Any attempt to remove the protected property will activate an alarm or monitor signal. A disconnection or breakage of the cable will... Read More
  • Optimum™ Document Management Service By Optimum Document Services

    Optimum Document Services offers a proprietary, browser-based document management service that provides organizations with secure and efficient access to required documents. Document retrieval is accomplished from any computer with simple, intuitive and rich searching capabilities. All documents... Read More
  • Optistreams IC-VSAT "Instant Communications" By Optistreams, Inc.

    he IC/VSAT kit offers a completely integrated bundle of Cisco gear for delivering and managing multiple local wired, wireless data, and voice communications platforms. Combined with OptiStreams auto-acquisition antenna and Optistreams VSAT services, it provides the ability to deploy a mobile... Read More
  • OptiStreams Mobile Operations Emergency Satellite System By Optistreams, Inc.

    OptiStreams M.O.S.E.S integrates high-performance satellite services in a valuable solution to support the mission-critical requirements for disaster recovery and first responder organizations. MOSES represents a transportable ‘Network Node’ and provides converged data, voice, and video... Read More
  • OSMIUM™ Wiegand-to-OSDP Converter By Cypress Integration Solutions

    SIA's new Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP™) is the communication standard that brings protection against Wiegand reader hacking, interoperability, consistency, and functionality. Get 2-way communication for sophisticated processing, access control that stands up to the elements, and... Read More
  • Outdoor LED Backlit Signs with Any Message – The Phenix Series By iSIGNS Inc.

    Outdoor LED Backlit Signs with Any Message – The Phenix Series The Phenix Led Sign Series creates hybrid units with the best benefits of our TCL Led sign technology and the visual appeal of the popular, but now discontinued neon TC sign series. The Phenix brings outdoor backlit LED signs to life... Read More
  • Outdoor LED Open Closed Signs are ideal for Drive Thru Lanes By iSIGNS Inc.

    Outdoor LED Open Closed Signs are ideal for Drive Thru Lanes Our LED OPEN CLOSED Signs are an industry standard for many bank groups. Often referred to as lane lights, they are ideal for quickly indicating which drive thru lanes are open to serve customers. These signs carry bright, easy to read... Read More
  • Outdoor MorphoAccess 520 Dual PIV/CAC-EP Biometric Reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    The Outdoor MorphoAccess™ PIV/CAC-EP Biometric Reader is a GSA FIPS 201 Certified CHUID Reader able to read the entire FASC-N. This reader includes integrated Contact and Contactless smart card readers and supports PKI and CAK for card authentication. This outdoor reader is fully ruggedized to... Read More
  • Outdoor MorphoAccess TWIC biometric reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    - Reader supports TWIC Operating Modes for all MARSEC Levels - FBI approved fingerprint sensor, PIV IQS certified fingerprint sensor - FIPS 201 approved template generator and matcher - Exceeds industry standards for image quality specified by NIST, BTF, and FBI - Morpho Fingerprint Image... Read More
  • Owl Performance Management Service By Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

    Owl Performance Management Service OPMS enables users to remotely monitor performance and application status for Owl cross-domain solutions running on different Send-only & Receive-only CDS servers. Providing a web-based interface to monitor and display this log file information, OPMS... Read More
  • Owl ScanFile Management System By Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

    Designed to support the efficient and safe transfer of data from a lower security network to a higher security network, and to operate as a network service permitting multiple, authorized users. Owl ScanFile Management System (OSMS) processes document malware scanning and quarantine subsystems... Read More