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  • C4 / PC4 Electronic Voice Amplifier By Allen Vanguard

    This electronic voice amplifier mounts to the PC4 Air Purifying Respirator mask to improve the clarity of speech and distance a voice carries when wearing a mask. Using the amplifier dynamically improves Command and Control in NBC environments. -Amplifies user’s voice up to 60m (200ft)... Read More
  • C50 By Allen Vanguard

    NIOSH approved full facemask respirator that provides high protection, outstanding field of vision and superior comfort. Its innovative design features optimize the user’s operation time, whether it’s for battlefield CBRN protection, law enforcement or counter terror operations. With the... Read More
  • CAM-GX5 Cellular Activity Monitor By ComSec LLC

    The JJN Digital CAM-GX5 Cellular Activity Monitor is a handheld multi-band cellular signal detector, cell phone detector and GPS tracker detector. Detects 2G 3G 4G & 5G devices, and WiFi & Bluetooth devices. The unit detects and locates transmissions from cellular mobile phone based devices... Read More
  • CanProx One Proximity Reader By Cansec Systems Ltd.

    Cansec's CanProx One Multi-Mount Proximity Reader is the first of its kind to offer the flexibility of both door mullion or wall mounting in a single reader solution as well as supporting both AWID and HID 125 kHz technologies together at the same time. The reader mounts on a standard door... Read More
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector with RealTest (CO1224T) By System Sensor

    The CO1224T from System Sensor now offers RealTest — the first and only true functional CO test that fully meets NFPA 720-2009 requirements. With RealTest, a simple short spray of canned CO is all it takes to know the detector is doing its job protecting occupants from deadly CO gas. With the... Read More
  • Career Fairs By

    Career fairs advertised to defense, intelligence and government professionals are offered for as little as $599 per event. Our events are held throughout the year in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Texas and Virginia. Our events are open to any U.S. citizen but we... Read More
  • Cargo Screening Systems By L-3 Security & Detection Systems

    Recognizing diverse cargo inspection needs, L-3’s cargo solutions offer customs and security officers a portfolio of configurable high-energy X-ray screening systems, unparalleled integration and support services that keep commerce flowing smoothly—everywhere cargo travels. L-3 delivers the... Read More
  • CASCAD Foam By Allen Vanguard

    The Canadian Aqueous System for Chemical / Biological Agent Decontamination (CASCAD) foam is recommended for use by militaries to destroy all known Chemical and Biological agents – including thickened agents - within NATO specified times. It is ideal for demilitarization, site remediation and... Read More

    CBRN Pet Protective Tent This genuine CBRN pet protection tent is developed especially to protect household pets in times of threats of missile attacks, potentially including biological and nuclear weapons. Read More
  • CCTV Housing - Aluminum with heater, blower, sunshield and mounting bracket By Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

    STI’s protective housing for closed circuit TV helps reduce vandalism and tampering to these important units. “This housing is a highly practical and inexpensive way to help ensure the continuous operation of vitally important CCTV security TV cameras,” said Margie Gobler, STI president and... Read More
  • CCTV Housing - Die Cast Heavy Duty By Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

    STI’s new heavy-duty protective housing for closed circuit TV cameras helps reduce vandalism and tampering to these important units. Its detachable lid makes servicing the camera simple. This addition to the Stopper® Line of products has a glass lens and is constructed of heavy-duty diecast... Read More
  • CCTV-IP Cameras By Cantronic Systems (Canada) Inc

    Cantronic Systems Inc. has developed a cost-effective IP cameras security solution. It meets visible camera requirements, as well as providing infrared illumination capabilities not previously attained with a near infrared camera. Cantronic's integrated systems are "plug and play," with... Read More
  • Cell Phone Locker - 16 Door By Precision Locker

    •Squadron Series - Top of the line! •KEYLESS MODEL UPGRADE •U.S. Military security applications •Surface or recessed wall mount Read More
  • Cell Phone Locker 3x4 (Master Door) By Precision Locker

    Our Cell Phone Storage Locker contains 12 locker compartments uniquely designed to accommodate small valuables. An ideal solution for checking cell phones, smartphones, digital cameras, wallets, keys, etc. Used by government agencies, military bases, schools, workplace, and law enforcement... Read More
  • Certified & Licensed Professionals Background Screening Package By Corra Group

    Recruitment Solution for Screening Professional Candidates Screen your professional workforce with our sample background check package; the Certified and Licensed Profession Package. We recommend screening any professional candidates with licensed or credentialed job requirements such as CPAs,... Read More
  • CheckVideo Gateway for Broadband Networks (CV400) By CheckVideo

    The 4-channel CheckVideo Gateway for Broadband Networks (CV400) incorporates advanced, auto-adapting video analytics, a video server and video recording, all in a single device. It converts analog CCTV systems from forensic tools into proactive video surveillance solutions, and is also able to... Read More
  • CheckVideo Gateway for Mobile Broadband Networks (CV43G) By CheckVideo

    The 4-channel CheckVideo Gateway for Mobile Broadband Networks (CV43G) incorporates advanced, auto-adapting video analytics, a video server and video recording, all in a single device. It transmits video data over the Sprint wireless network and converts analog CCTV systems from forensic tools... Read More
  • CheckVideo High Definition Indoor Mini Dome Camera (CV150) By CheckVideo

    The CheckVideo High Definition Indoor Mini Dome Camera (CV150) is a 2-megapixel camera that packages auto-adapting advanced video analytics, DVR, and video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) into a complete, cloud-based intelligent video surveillance solution. CV150 “watches” video 24/7 for... Read More
  • CheckVideo High Definition Outdoor Bullet Camera (CV135) By CheckVideo

    The award-winning CheckVideo High Definition Outdoor Bullet Camera (CV135) is a 2-megapixel camera that packages auto-adapting advanced video analytics, DVR, and video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) into a complete, cloud-based intelligent video surveillance solution. CV135 “watches” video... Read More
  • CheckVideo Ruggedized Outdoor Mobile Sentry (CMS4100) By CheckVideo

    CheckVideo Ruggedized Outdoor Mobile Sentry (CMS4100) is a complete, cloud-based mobile intelligent video surveillance solution that enables one-stop video security in virtually any outdoor or remote location. CMS4100 detects events of interest based on the presence of a person, vehicle or... Read More
  • Chemical Payloads By Allen Vanguard

    Allen Vanguard’s CBRN Decontamination and Blast Mitigation equipment requires the use of one or more chemical payloads. A Payload is a pre-measured quantity of 1, 2 or 3 chemicals which are ordered as a single item and supplied as a boxed set. The recommended order quantity for operational... Read More
  • Chemical Protective Molded Glove By Allen Vanguard

    The ergonomically correct Chemical Protective Molded Glove provides up to 24 hours protection against Chemical and Biological agents. -Rounded fingertips and corrugations on the fingers for improved dexterity and a tighter wrist to keep the glove firm on the hand and facilitate the... Read More
  • Chemical Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) E-Learning Training Program By Global Training Solutions Inc

    This e-learning training program provides an overview of a sensitive, but unclassified designation titled “Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information” (CVI). It defines what CVI is, what information is no CVI, who is subject to this regulation, access and disclosure of CVI, safeguarding CVI... Read More
  • ChemPro100i By Environics USA, Inc.

    The ChemPro100i is a handheld Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) & Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) gas & vapor detector that provides: • A wide variety of uses: While the ChemPro100i was designed for CWA detection, it has the added versatility to be used for a wide variety of HazMat applications,... Read More
  • ChemProFx By Environics USA, Inc.

    The ChemProFX is a permanently mounted gas & vapor detector that provides continuous 24 hour 7 day a week protection of fixed infrastructure from the threat of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) & selected Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). It has industry-leading sensitivity & false alarm... Read More
  • CHEMTURION™ Suit By ILC Dover Inc

    When working in hazardous environments, you know that the safety of your people is your #1 concern. Your people trust you to make the right decisions about protective gear. Trust ILC Dover to help you make the proper choice. The Chemturion™ Suit is a durable totally encapsulating protective suit... Read More
  • Chlorine DVD training program By Emergency Film Group

    "Chlorine" is a safety video about the hazards of the industrial gas chlorine and safe response to incidents involving chlorine. It is part of the HazChem Series and is available separately or as a part of the series. Chlorine is found in almost every town because it is used in water and... Read More
  • Circul-Air Fire Hose Washer By American Airworks™

    Circul-Air Roto-Jet Hose Washer This Circul-Air hose washer removes hydrocarbons that can carry 90% of the toxins produced by a fire. These hydrocarbons can also contain carcinogens. Potentially hazardous substances can be absorbed through the skin by contact. Rinsing the hose off only removes... Read More
  • Claritii By Vumii Inc

    Claritii 500 is a unique zero-light, long-range, pan-tilt-zoom camera system that excels in detailed threat assessment applications. Claritii is the latest outdoor perimeter and border protection enhanced imaging solution. Proprietary “focused-beam array” LED technology is combined with a... Read More
  • CloudBank By Pivot3, Inc.

    CloudBank appliances deliver both server and shared storage resources for centralized environments needing high-capacity protected storage. Up to twelve CloudBanks can be configured together as a high-performance iSCSI SAN called a RAIGETM Array. Each CloudBank contributes a free virtual server... Read More
  • CoBRA Command Kit By Defense Group Inc./ CoBRA Software

    CoBRA software is an inexpensive, easy to use Decision Support Tool that runs on your laptop, tablet or mobile data terminal and provides the full spectrum of HAZMAT & CBRNE incident management; including pre-planning, collaboration, exercises and response Read More
  • CoBRA Command Post By Defense Group Inc./ CoBRA Software

    CoBRA software is an inexpensive, easy to use Decision Support Tool that runs on your laptop, tablet or mobile data terminal and provides the full spectrum of HAZMAT & CBRNE incident management; including pre-planning, collaboration, exercises and response Read More
  • CoBRA Software By Defense Group Inc./ CoBRA Software

    CoBRA software for CBRNe Response. CoBRA supports Hazmat, homemade explosive and RAD/Nuke response. CoBRA also can provide Sensor Data Fusion for complete situational awareness. CoBRA software helps the First Responder; – Quickly and easily review extensive reference library and interactive... Read More
  • Command Center Software By Metis Secure Solutions

    To ensure swift action during an emergency, the Command Center's graphic map user interface ensures that novice and experienced authorized users can quickly send alerts and receive requests for help. Command Center Advantages: On-screen maps enable users to drill down from a multi-building... Read More
  • Command Consoles By Winsted Corp., The

    Sight-Line Consoles are ergonomic, modular, and adaptable, giving users flexibility in any control room environment. Sight-Line consoles feature the Versa-Trak monitor support system which offers the ultimate in adjustability. Monitor viewing angles and sight lines are easily optimized based on... Read More
  • Commander By Heald Ltd

    Heald’s Commander is the ultimate in perimeter protection and the world’s only security barrier PAS 68 tested to stop dead a 30-tonne truck travelling at 80 kph (50 mph). This is officially the highest ever impact energy test successfully carried out on a security barrier. • Lockable... Read More
  • Commander Pistol Locker 1x4 By Precision Locker

    Our popular sturdy space-saving Commander 1x4 Pistol Locker is designed for wall or shelf mount. Units may be ganged side to side. Pick resistant locks are protected by cam guards and backed by an award winning high security keying system. Four foam padded compartments easily accommodate popular... Read More
  • Commander Pistol Locker 2x2 By Precision Locker

    Our workhorse, the durable Commander 2x2 Pistol Locker, mounts easily on desk or table. Units may be stacked vertically or ganged side to side. Pick resistant locks are protected by cam guards and backed by an award winning high security keying system. Four foam padded compartments easily... Read More
  • Commander/Gunner By Allen Vanguard

    Allen Vanguard’s customized Commander/Gunner Blast Seats protect the commanders of tracked and wheeled combat vehicles by isolating them within a vehicle from the effects of a roadside IED and mine blast. Our Commander Blast Seats are typically fitted to the ceiling, but can also be wall or... Read More
  • Common Ground Business 2 By WILL Interactive

    WILL Interactive's new Common Ground Business 2 takes your sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to the next level while satisfying legal requirements in all 50 states. In Common Ground Business 2, a diverse workforce encounters complex situations. Common Ground Business 2... Read More
  • Communications Wizard By

    One of the major complaints of job seekers about Internet job searches is the lack of real communication between employers and job seekers, which causes them to feel as if they end up in a black hole. The Communications Wizard is designed to bridge that gap, by making communications with job... Read More
  • Compact Power By Advanced Kiosks

    A COMPACT, WALL MOUNTED COMPUTER KIOSK PACKED WITH FUNCTION The Compact Power Kiosk is a cutting-edge, wall mounted computer kiosk that is often selected for its superior value. With a 17” touch screen LCD monitor, amplified speakers, a complete computer system including Windows OS, 16 gauge... Read More
  • Compact Security By Winsted Corp., The

    High-Quality, low-cost modular Security Cabinets for use in compact surveillance rooms in any market. Heavy duty cabinets and accessories are the perfect choice for surveillance rooms in commercial buildings, convenience stores, health clubs, gas stations, and schools. Read More
  • CompactSec By Vumii Inc

    The CompactSec™ is a high value proposition thermal camera that offers superior imaging performance at economical pricing. The camera features a 25µ uncooled microbolometer imager with 384x288 pixel resolution. The CompactSec is designed to military grade specifications and tested to the IP66... Read More
  • CompleteView By Salient Systems

    CompleteView is a comprehensive video management software (VMS) solution for the migration from analog to IP technology. Available in three editions, ONE, Pro and Enterprise, CompleteView scales from entry level to enterprise and provides everything needed to manage a multi-server, multi-site... Read More
  • Compliance / Quality Assurance / Claim Auditing / Premium Auditing By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers compliance and quality assurance support services to various self-insurers, insurers, and reinsurers in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk business. Our RiskPro products and services include: Risk Reviews and Solutions including Sarbanes... Read More
  • ComplianceCourier - Access Compliance Management By SecureAuth

    ComplianceCourier, Courion's access certification, verification and policy compliance software, automates the access certification and compliance process. ComplianceCourier is the industry’s first access certification product that enables authorized business managers to review and certify the... Read More
  • Compressors, Max-Air high pressure By MAX-AIR Compressors

    High pressure breathing air compressor systems for fire departments, police and military services. A complete line of stationary, mobile and portable compressors, including air storage cylinders, fill panels and fill stations. Read More
  • ComSec KSFRL Kits By ComSec LLC

    ComSec LLC’s Kestrel Surface RF Locator Kits are optimal for Mobile Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) gathering. They are also ideal for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) and other RF spectrum monitoring applications. ComSec Kestrel Surface RF Locator Kits are a mobile, field ready RF... Read More
  • Concealed Backpack By Allen Vanguard

    The Concealed Backpack is a man-portable, self contained unit for emergency and spot CBRN Decontamination of property, vehicles, public transit systems and confined spaces. It dispenses Allen Vanguard’s CASCAD CBRN Decontamination Foam which can also encapsulate Radiological particles. Its... Read More
  • Contacts, Organization Charts, Federal Market Intelligence and more... By Carroll Publishing

    Carroll Publishing provides the tools necessary to find government decision makers, build key relationships and secure government business. Carroll Publishing is the only company that can deliver the most curren government contact information for all levels, complete organization structure,... Read More
  • Container Code Reader Systems By Perceptics

    Accurately and efficiently track containers with Perceptics' Container Code Reader Systems. Automatically validating and tracking containers and their assets requires an imaging system with high accuracy and reliability. The CCR-XF Container Code Reader is equipped to automatically read more... Read More
  • Cooled Thermal Surveillance Cameras By Cantronic Systems (Canada) Inc

    The TR series thermal imaging systems are used in a wide range of surveillance applications in the defense, homeland security, perimeter surveillance and law enforcement fields. The TR series has excellent performance, superior imaging capabilities and high reliability in the field. The cameras... Read More
  • CO-PLATE Carbon Monoxide Detector Replacement Plate By System Sensor

    With the first system-connected CO detectors reaching their end-of-life, someone’s going to be making money on replacements. It should be you. And we’ve made it easy. Our new CO-PLATE Carbon Monoxide Detector Replacement Plate mounts in seconds for seamless CO detector replacement. And what... Read More
  • Corbin/Russwin Interchangeable Cabinet Lock Bodies By Olympus Lock, Inc.

    Olympus is the only company that manufactures cabinet locks for Corbin/Russwin interchangeable core. Add one-key convenience to your existing Corbin/Russwin system by having your cabinets keyed to your Corbin/Russwin key system. Locks are available dorr and drawer deadbolt and drawer... Read More
  • Countertop Kiosk By Advanced Kiosks

    A MULTI-TOUCH COMPUTER KIOSK THAT PACKS A PUNCH The Countertop is a multi-touch, computer kiosk with a user-friendly adjustable monitor and was designed for businesses, hospitals, churches, and other industries where convenience is key and space might be limited. Compact and convenient, the... Read More
  • Courier & Parcel Delivery Services- “Business Expense Cost-Savings Services.” By Schooley Mitchell

    We can help reduce your annual COURIER & PARCEL DELIVERY SERVICES spend by thoroughly reviewing, auditing, analyzing and optimizing these services with your existing vendors/services. We find where they have been overcharging your business! It would be our PRIVILEGE to hold your vendors... Read More
  • CourionLive - Identity and Access Management in the Cloud By SecureAuth

    Companies are continually striving to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, while enhancing security, and demonstrating compliance with proliferating industry policies and federal regulations. The cost of doing business, especially on-premise, is skyrocketing with upfront capital... Read More
  • Covert Surveillance By e2v

    The Argus P TYPE is a handheld, robust, simple-to operate, lightweight thermal imaging monocular camera which can power up fast. Read More
  • CPU Chemical Protective Undersuit By Allen Vanguard

    The Chemical Protective Undergarment, commonly referred to as the CPU, provides a level of protection against a range of potentially hazardous Chemical and Biological agents. It is recommended that the CPU be worn, as stipulated by a response unit's own operating procedures, under the Med-Eng... Read More
  • Crash Tested Bollards By Heald Ltd

    Heald’s Crash Tested Bollards are ideal for locations where a more architecturally sensitive security solution is required. • Range of colours available • Reflective strips for high visibility • Various heights available • LED Lighting options available • Automated bollard Read More
  • Credential Connect By Daon Inc

    As the part of Daon’s product portfolio focused on physical access provisioning, Credential Connect takes data stored in an existing identity management repository and automatically distributes and synchronizes new, modified, or revoked identity information across all Physical Access Systems... Read More
  • Credentsys (TM) High Security Smart Card By CardLogix

    Credentsys is a secure smart card family that is designed for national ID systems, passports, and multi-use enterprise security environments. The family is certified to FIPS 140-2 and 201-1/SP800-73-1 specifications. Two different Java™ configurations are available, supporting standard Java... Read More
  • CredoID Access Control & Attendance Software By Midpoint Security

    CredoID software unlocks the power of the most advanced access control hardware currently available in the industry: HID VertX controller and Edge IP reader. By combining the unique benefits of the new generation readers and controllers with user-friendly graphic interface, CredoID provides an... Read More
  • Crew/Troop By Allen Vanguard

    Allen Vanguard provides customized Troop Seats and Crew Seats to isolate forward-facing and side-facing occupants of tracked and wheeled combat vehicles against roadside IEDs and mine blasts. Depending upon the vehicle, our ‘high back’ and ‘low back’ Troop Seats and Crew Seats can be fitted... Read More
  • Criminal Investigations By Starside Security & Investigation, Inc.

    Starside conduct investigative services for the legal, corporate & private sector by combining analytical, technical, and problem solving skills, we provide innovative and comprehensive crime prevention. Starside has Investigative personnel that have decades of investigating felony... Read More
  • Crisis Management & Emergency Action Planning By U.S. Security Care Inc

    Crisis Management Planning A crisis, by definition, is an event that exceeds the available resources an organization has on hand to effectively deal with a threat-related incident. US Security Care consultants will help your organization create plans to avoid, mitigate or manage the consequence... Read More
  • Crowd Control 42x96 By OTW Safety Holding Company

    OTW Safety’s crowd control barricades have many terrific features, including their ability to display revenue generating graphics and signage on brightly colored backgrounds. This display area can be used to generate revenue for your organization! Read More
  • CURL 1-Wire Push-To-Talk Earpiece By Klein Electronics Inc

    The Power of comfort. C-Ring Earloop. Left or Right Ear. Speaker rests on ear for all-day comfort. In-line Microphone with PTT. Read More
  • Custom Building Security Products By Designed Security, Inc.

    Cost-effective DSI custom manufactured products are designed to meet your unique security needs. DSI will work with you to create highly customized security products in a timely manner to meet the most demanding project requirements. You can entrust DSI to deliver high quality custom security... Read More
  • Custom energy-efficiency solutions By PEC - Pacific Energy Concepts

    At PEC we leverage modern technologies and design expertise to deliver optimized LED lighting retrofits. Improving business outcomes through energy efficiency is what we do. Our proven energy-saving solutions offer an immediate and significant impact on production, safety, environmental, and... Read More
  • Custom Enviroments By Winsted Corp., The

    Freeform custom console systems balance form and function with an open architecture design ideal for LCD monitors. Ergonomic design, quality construction, and a beautiful appearance are a welcome addition to any environment. Read More
  • Cyber Crime By Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

    Cyber Crime is a present and rising concern including computer hacks, corporate IP theft and network security data breaches. Cyber investigations pose enormous challenges including large data volumes, identifying risks across computing environments and tracing IP addresses to named suspects.... Read More
  • CyberCat Fire Alarm Panels By Fike Corporation

    Fike's state-of-the-art CyberCat® fire alarm and communications system is revolutionary in its speed, intelligence and flexibility. And the intelligent CyberCat control system is available for about the same price as standard fire alarm systems. Incredible Service, Superior Product --... Read More
  • CyberKeys By CyberLock, Inc.

    The CyberLock Electronic Lock System provides real flexibility in that there are two choices in rechargeable CyberKeys: the CK-RXD Key for all types of indoor and outdoor applications and CyberKey Blue, the new Bluetooth® compatible key, that offers a unique solution for companies with employees... Read More
  • CyberLock Electromechanical Locks By CyberLock, Inc.

    Videx designs and manufactures CyberLock, a system of electromechanical locks and programmable keys that brings access control and auditing to existing mechanical lock and key systems. If your mechanical locks and keys are out of control, CyberLock is the solution. CyberLock is unique in that... Read More
  • CyberLock Electronic Padlocks By CyberLock, Inc.

    Safeguard your physical assets with CyberLock electronic padlocks. Built tough, intelligent, and with stainless steel components they perform extremely well in the harshest environments. With CyberLock electronic padlocks, companies achieve controlled access, accountability, and key control at... Read More
  • CyberLock Flex System By CyberLock, Inc.

    The CyberLock Flex System is an addition to the CyberLock family, which includes weatherized key vault modules that enable electronic key storage at remote outdoor locations, input modules, display modules, and door controller modules. Behind the scenes is a dynamic software platform that deftly... Read More
  • CyberPoint By CyberLock, Inc.

    CyberPoints are electronic tags designed to serve as data collection checkpoints for electronically documenting security and fire/safety checks. The CyberPoint system offers many advantages over traditional checkpoint applications. Both the stationary CyberPoint and handheld CyberKey record... Read More