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Our approach recognizes that not all individuals or entities have the same background histories though to the naked eye they may seem the same. Just as fingerprints are distinct from one individual to the next, so too are the properties and qualities of an individual's or organization's background. Accordingly, our results and background reports are as unique as the individual or entity about whom they are prepared. In today's scheme of commoditized 'background data' and 'instant national screening results', AIS is committed to identifying the intricate and distinctive properties and characteristics of a subject's background that other screening companies are unwilling or unable to provide. We do not and will not simply provide streams of 'warehoused data' and call it an accurate background check.

AIS' unique commitment to inquiry integrity is surpassed only by our commitment to customer care. AIS clientele represent nearly all facets of the business community from global employer to local store keeper to other background screening companies. Our commitment to this community is unique by today's standards in that, regardless of size or volume, we offer the same standard of customer care excellence that empowers our clients to do their jobs to the highest level.

Serving Clients in the United States and over 165 Countries Internationally.

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