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Vector Technologies, LLC

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1331 South Eads Street, Unit 714
Arlington, VA 22202

About Vector Technologies, LLC

  • Sentinel:
    The Sentinel and Guardian are a family of Personal Desktop Countermeasures devices designed to store PEDs such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and pagers. With both passive and active noise masking our products are not only an RF box but also provide noise masking for additional security. As an added feature the Sentinel has two +12VDC charging connectors to keep your battery fully charged using your PED's car charger cable. The Sentinel product has gone through regulatory testing by a third party test lab and is approved for use by DIA without restriction.
    Ergonomically designed for desktop use, the SENTILEL offers an unmatched combination of performance, aesthetics, and price.

    Our Guardian product is larger Personal Desktop Countermeasures device similar in design to the SENTINEL but stores up to 10 devices. Each device resides in its own slot with a charging connector to keep your PEDs' battery fresh. The Guardian can be used in conference rooms or small offices to store your PED.

    2 to 4 Person Enclosure:
    The Vector Technologies, LLC 2 to 4 Person Portable Facility is a tactical enclosure designed specifically to combat the threat of classified information being compromised. The enclosure was constructed using state of the art materials and techniques to provide higher shielding effectiveness on the market today. Each sub-system was designed for ease of use with the end user in mind such as improved lighting, signal IO andAir Conditioning.
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