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About Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

Cross-domain solutions in the backoffice -- secure one-way transfer in the battlespace. Owl Computing Technologies, a US-owned small business, designs & markets secure, one-way, information transfer solutions, enabling hardware-enforced, one-way data transfer between discrete network domains. Owl products provide controlled interfaces for cross domain solutions that require assured communications capability, and assurance against data leakage. The Owl suite of EAL-4 certified DualDiode® products was originally based on data diode technology exclusively licensed from Sandia National Laboratories. With almost 1000 DualDiode systems deployed throughout the US Intelligence Community and the DoD, and with US nuclear power industry deployments, Owl enables secure, reliable, fast, transfer for all data types under all major operating systems.

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Products by Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

By Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

Owl Performance Management Service OPMS enables users to remotely monitor performance and application status for Owl cross-domain solutions running on different Send-only & Receive-only CDS servers. Providing a web-based interface to monitor and display this log file information, OPMS... Read more »

By Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

Designed to support the efficient and safe transfer of data from a lower security network to a higher security network, and to operate as a network service permitting multiple, authorized users. Owl ScanFile Management System (OSMS) processes document malware scanning and quarantine subsystems... Read more »

By Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

Secure DFTS Application Secure Directory File Transfer System (The Secure DFTS) supports secure and reliable one-way file-based communications. The Secure DFTS consists of intuitive send and receive application programs built on our exclusive DualDiode® technology to support reliable, high... Read more »

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