Syagen Technology

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1411 Warner Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780-6461
About Syagen Technology
  • The Syagen Guardian® Explosives Trace Detection (ETP) Portal is the most accurate and non-intrusive portal available today. The Guardian was developed in a collaboration involving Syagen, the leader in explosives detection mass spectrometry (MS) analyzers, and Sandia National Laboratories, the developers of the most advanced portal and preconcentration technologies. The Guardian provides unmatched performance.

    The exceptional sensitivity and specificity accounts for the lowest false negative and false positive rates available and for the largest number of simultaneously detectable explosives.

    The key performance advantage of the Guardian over other portals is the use of MS versus the much lower resolution method of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). A recent report by the National Academy of Sciences noted that MS has a resolving power that is 10-10,000x greater than IMS and
    recommended making MS the core technology for explosives detection for aviation security. Many analyzers, including IMS, can detect a large number of compounds, but they are limited to detecting only a few compounds at a time. The high resolving power of MS enables screening for a very large compound list without compromising accuracy and precision even in environments containing many background compounds.
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